Black Friday, Fun and Fall: The Best Time to Visit NYC

Fall – the season that includes Halloween, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving – is the best possible time to visit New York City. Well, it’s not that there’s a BAD time to visit New York City. Every season has its charms, and there is certainly more than enough throughout the entire city to entertain for days on end – no matter the time of the year.

However, of all the seasons … fall may be the optimal time to visit New York City. In the autumn, you’ll avoid the oppressive heat of summertime (it can be positively brutal outside) and the chilling cold of wintertime (blizzards, snow, wind … yuck). Additionally, by heading to New York City in the fall, you’ll avoid the massive crowds that flood the area in the summertime. More room to breathe is always good!

best time to visit nyc

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So, if you’re interested in traveling to New York City for the season (and its coming up) here’s a list of the best things to do in New York next month as autumn dawns:

Black Friday, Fun Sports and Great Food: Where to Go in New York City this Fall

One of the best things you can do in New York City in the fall – the season of Black Friday and so many other good shopping opportunities – is to make a dent in that credit or debit card at the city’s many amazing stores. The crowds are enormous on Black Friday, but the opportunities – and the fun – is well worth it; here’s a guide to Black Friday shopping in the City for you to check out.

As the summer comes to a close, the crowds start to thin out on Coney Island – leaving plenty of fun to be had for anyone who would like to venture out to the end of Brooklyn (it’s well worth it). You can ride the Cyclone, have a Nathan’s hot dog, visit the Wonder Wheel or the Aquarium … it’s a fantastic way to spend a day.

best time to visit nyc

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There are plenty of professional sports to take in within New York City – and if you haven’t ever been to one of the cathedrals these teams play in, fall is the ideal time to go hit up a game. The Yankees are perennial “Fall Classic” contenders, and their home at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx is an unforgettable monument to baseball. There are also two NFL teams – the Giants and the Jets – who play right next to New York City in East Rutherford, New Jersey; every Sunday, you have a good chance of seeing a pro game.

Food & Entertainment

How about eating or drinking? Fall in New York is an exceptional time to indulge in some of the best things the City has to offer. Fall is Oktoberfest season – so take in the most beer-y of all the months by exploring New York’s exploding craft beer scene in some of the best bars and restaurants around the city.

Of course, what would a trip to New York City be without a trip to Broadway? There are plenty of amazing plays set to open this fall on Broadway – a production of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” starring Jeff Daniels and written by Aaron Sorkin, most notably – and it’s well worth seeing what is playing on the stage when you visit.

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