Time for a Trip: A Guide to Taking the Megabus NYC

There are several ways to get into New York City. Those looking to visit the “Big Apple” can fly, drive, or take a ferry into the city to enjoy all that it has to offer. Of all the options out there, one of the most cost-efficient ways to get into New York City is by taking a Megabus. Megabus NYC is a low-cost and super-efficient ground transportation service. It travels between more than 100 different North American cities.

Where Do I Get the Megabus NYC?

Megabus NYC routes come from throughout the East Coast and into the Midwest. The most popular routes to New York City originate from New England and Mid-Atlantic stops like Philadelphia and Boston. Customers from as far away as Cleveland, Toronto, and Atlanta can also get to New York City via Megabus.

How Much Is a Megabus NYC Trip?

Fare prices vary with the distance of the trip and the timing of the booking. Earlier bookings are generally cheaper. The site boasts of fares as low as $1, though those prices to New York City are rare. A trip from Boston or Philadelphia will likely run around $20-35. Sign up for an account on Megabus.com to get the best possible prices. The best advice for a cheaper fare is to book as early as possible. One final tip: Be sure to check the Megabus website to track bus times and receive service alerts.

What Do I Need to Know About My Megabus NYC Ride?

The Megabus fleet consists of their trademark blue double-decker buses. You may be at a busy bus station or outdoor stop before you board. Be sure to look out for one of the distinctive buses or the Megabus logo when you line up. It’s easy to get confused when there are several different lines serving a station. As you board, look for the seats in the Megabus’s upper deck to fill up first. These provide some of the best views. If you want a unique perspective, sit as far up as possible for a high-level look. Sitting here means you’ll have to wait a little longer to get off, though. If you’re looking to swiftly get on and off, take a seat in the lower level. Luggage resides in the department on the underside of the bus. The driver or Megabus employees will move the luggage to the curb for pickup after your trip.
The driver may stop at a fast-food outlet to allow passengers to grab food and stretch their legs for a little bit. Stops will depend on the route to the city. Still, it’s best to bring a few snacks and some drinks for the ride. If it’s a longer ride, don’t forget a little pillow and a blanket. Each bus has bathrooms and Wi-Fi connectivity. There are also power outlets on seats so you can keep your electronics charged.
A word about the Wi-Fi connections: they’re usually iffy, at best. Travelers often lose connectivity in dead spots while traveling. When the Wi-Fi does connect, you won’t be able to stream media (so no Netflix or Amazon Prime). Try downloading a few shows onto your device before you leave. You can also install the Megabus content app to check out what it has to offer.

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Where Does the Megabus NYC Drop Me Off and Pick Me Up?


Megabus arrivals into New York City are at the intersection of 7th Avenue and 27th Street in Manhattan. This is a little south of the “Midtown Manhattan” area. It is between the neighborhoods of Chelsea, Korea Town, and Kips Bay. Riders get off right by the Fashion Institute of Technology.
If you’re looking to get somewhere else in New York City, the 23rd Street Station is only a few blocks away. The subway has connections to the A, C, and E lines. The 23rd Street Station will get anywhere you need to go to Manhattan and elsewhere. The 23rd Street Station also has connections to the New York-New Jersey PATH train. This train connects New York visitors to locations in New Jersey like Hoboken and Jersey City.
If you need something to eat or drink after your trek, the sprawling Eataly building is a short walk away in the Flatiron District. There’s also the fun Barcade, a bar featuring classic arcade games, on 24th. For a quick meal after a longer bus ride, there’s a Five Guys burger chain right up the street from the drop-off. There are also several sports bars near the district that customers can enjoy. The Megabus drop-off area is very close to Madison Square Garden. Several of New York City’s finest watering holes are nearby. These are usually populated by Knicks and Rangers fans. Try Mustang Harry’s off of 30th Street. This hopping bar is always packed with sports fans and locals watching games. Another option to enjoy is Harrington’s off 7th Avenue. This Irish-themed spot is a perennial New York City favorite.
There are other options for riders straight off the bus into New York City. Walking east to Fifth Avenue will deliver you to Madison Square Garden Park. Visitors can take the Oscar Wilde Walking Tour of New York City at the Park. The National Museum of Mathematics and the LEGO Store are also nearby. If riders want a fine meal and a few drinks nearby, try The Storehouse on 23rd Street. The Storehouse is a spacious two-story Irish bar with lots of televised sports and craft beer.

Additionally, walking north up 7th Avenue will bring you straight into the heart of Manhattan. Penn Station and its bustling transportation terminal is a few blocks away on 34th Street. You’ll find plenty of spots to hang out and grab a bite to eat around Penn Station. Try the American Whiskey bar on 30th for small plates and fine bourbon. You can also try the Molly Wee on 30th. This is a long-time favorite for drinkers and travelers around Penn Station. The Molly Wee offers some of the finest pub fare in the entirety of New York City. As you walk further and further north up 7th Avenue, you’ll end up in the middle of Times Square. If this is one of your preferred destinations in New York City, try walking there after your bus drop-off. It will give you an excuse to stretch the legs after your bus ride and it will get you there quicker than an Uber or taxi.


You can also leave from New York City using the Megabus. You’ll pick up your ride at 34th Street between 11th and 12th avenues. This is on the West Side of Manhattan by the Javits Center and the High Line. Pay attention to this following note of warning for riders. The pickup area can get crowded, busy, and confusing, depending on your departure time. It’s best to arrive early to get a spot in the lines for departure and pick out the right bus to your final destination. The easiest way to get to the Megabus station is to take the subway to the Hudson Yards stop on the 7 line. The Hudson Yards stop is one of the nicest subways in the entirety of New York City. It’s also one of the few subways in New York City that boasts bathrooms for riders to use. This new station stop makes it much easier for travelers to get to the Megabus departure locations. It’s a bit of a haul from many places in Manhattan, so again, leave early.
There are usually a few food cart vendors hanging out nearby if you’re hungry for a quick meal. There’s also the Skylight Diner on 9th Avenue or Brother Jimmy’s BBQ on 31st Street. Those are good options if you’re looking for something heartier. Close by on 10th Avenue is Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine restaurant. This hot spot gets its name from the catchphrase of the famous Knicks basketball player. It’s a superb place to get a meal and a drink and watch a Knicks game. This is one of the quietest and least-developed areas of New York City. Most of the excitement is elsewhere. It does make for an easier ride into and out of New York City.
There are some other cultural attractions near the Megabus departure location. Try the New York Museum of Contemporary Art on 39th Street. The famous Hammerstein Ballroom is also close on 34th Street.

One final note for riders. Arrivals and departures to and from some specific Megabus stations will come into the Port Authority terminal in Midtown. Be sure to check your ticket before you make your final plans.

Why Should I Take a Megabus NYC Visit?

New York City is an exciting place to visit. Full of culture and diversity, “The Big Apple” offers some of the greatest attractions, cuisine, and experiences in the world. If you’re looking for a cost-conscious, worry-free, and simple way to visit New York City, Megabus offers the ideal ticket to ride.

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