5 Ways to Meet People When Traveling Alone in NYC

When traveling alone in NYC, it can be easy to feel like you’re lost in a crowd. However, one of the best parts about NYC is that it’s one of the easiest places in the world to meet new people, especially if you’re traveling alone. Here are 6 great ways to meet people in New York, so you finish your trip not only having gained excellent memories, but also some new, good friends, too.

How to Find Friends Traveling Alone in NYC

If you’re on a solo trip to New York, here are some great ways to find friends.

Stay a Hostel

Just like in other big cities, NYC has some excellent hostels where you can meet other people who are traveling light or on a budget. Hostels give you the chance to meet people in shared dormitory style rooms. Alternatively, they have lots of common spaces where travelers seek to meet like minded people. Hang out in your hostel and you’re guaranteed to meet other adventurous folks.

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Go to Meetups

Meetup.com is an excellent resource for activities and events in the city. Sign up for the site, then browse through events that suit your interests and tastes. You can find meetups that allow you to explore culinary delights, or ones that will take you with a group on city adventures, like crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Sit at the Bar

There are so many excellent watering holes in NYC. Go to an eating or drinking establishment, and saddle up to the bar. If you start a conversation with the bartender, he or she may be able to introduce you to other regulars. Alternatively, start a conversation with other folks who look like they’re looking for a chat. Bars are some of the best places to make friends when traveling alone in NYC.

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Go on a Walking Tour

Many companies offer walking tours of NYC–and many are even free. Choose a tour company that offers a walking tour of an area you’ve never been to, like Staten Island, or one that you want to explore further, like the thriving cultural mecca of the East Village. During your tour, strike up a conversation with other people that are there to learn more. You can discover common interests and hobbies, and you can even make plans to hang out more once the tour is done.

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Get Some Work Done at a Coworking Space

Are you traveling for work? Or, do you have a project that you need to get done while you’re on a trip to the city? If so, get a day pass to a coworking space to set up shop and get work done. There are tons of great coworking spaces in NYC that are convenient, whether you’re stationed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn or Harlem in Manhattan. Many coworking spots are designed for people to interact and talk to one another, so take advantage of that opportunity. You can meet people to network with, or who will enjoy doing something social when work time is done.

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Going to NYC alone can feel like it’ll be lonely. In reality, however, the city is one of the best places to visit solo, since there are so many opportunities to encounter other people. By seeking out friendly faces and making conversation with traveling alone in NYC, you can come home from your trip with a whole host of new, New York-loving friends.


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