Your Insider’s Guide to Fashion Week 2019 in New York City

Fashion Week is an occasion that graces many of the world’s biggest fashion destinations every year. New York is one of the world’s hottest cities for fashion — so it’s no surprise that New York Fashion Week (also known as NYFW) draws so many tourists to the area.

From February 8th to February 16th, 2019, designers, models, reporters, and fashion cognoscenti will descend on New York to share their latest creations, discover other designers’ work, and purchase the most promising items for their own stores and collections. It’s a weeklong blitz of dizzying, dazzling shows and other events, and the good news is that as a member of the general public, you can experience the glamour for yourself.

Industry Shows vs. Public Shows

First things first: unfortunately, not every Fashion Week exhibition is open to everybody. Many Fashion Week events are “industry shows” — invitation-only events for buyers, celebrities, and people working in the fashion industry. These high-class events are designed to keep the riff-raff out, but they also create an air of secrecy and suspense around designers’ offerings.
To be blunt: chances are that if you can get into an industry show, you’re not the sort of person who needs to read this article. But fear not; there are plenty of shows that are open to the public, although you’ll need tickets to get in. You can score discounted tickets to these events via Fashion Week Online’s subscription service, which also offers perks like giveaways, model casting calls, and members-only events.
Individual shows may also offer tickets via a designer’s website or the location. Because these are high-society events, many of these events will also serve canapes or a few drinks to visitors, and you can expect to rub shoulders with celebrities and other elite who have come to see designers’ best offerings.

The Events

Fashion Week is absolutely crammed with high-profile events — far too many to list here. Even before the event actually kicks off on the 8th, the city sees a slew of pre-events (including charity benefit shows, like CHULO Underwear’s benefit for female victims of violence). Additionally, many of the pre- Fashion Week shows focus on menswear, while Fashion Week itself focuses primarily on women’s fashions. If these spark your interest, it may be worth your while to show up before the crowds do.
These high-profile shows take place all over the city. However, most of them are at hot venues like Spring Studios at St. John’s Lane, or Industria, which has locations across New York City.

Fashion Week’s is so busy that most of the designers’ shows are only an hour apiece — all the better to fit more into the schedule. You could hang out at a venue all day (provided you have tickets, of course) and watch an endless series of beautiful, chic, and strange displays on the catwalk.

Credit: Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock

The list of designers on display is truly overwhelming, and includes well-known names like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Anna Sui. However, you can expect to see more names announced as the event draws near, so keep your eyes peeled. And don’t forget about some of the smaller satellite shows that may crop up around the area, which aim to redirect some of the focus from big names to smaller, up-and-coming stars in the field of fashion.
New York Fashion Week 2019 is an incredible way to put a finger on the pulse of modern fashion. It can be tricky to get into some of these events — requiring either money or social connections — but it’s worth it to get an insider’s look at coming trends.

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