Why Take the New York Water Taxi?

The New York  Water Taxi is one of the most popular tourist ferries in New York City. You can see the city from a different view and get great photos of some of its most famous landmarks. When you want to disembark, you can simply choose to get off at the next ferry terminal. This hop-on, hop-off ferry also takes you straight to some of the most iconic neighborhoods in the city and some of the most sought-after attractions.

Hop On and Off All Day

One of the exclusive benefits of the New York Water Taxi is the ability to ride boats all day around New York City for one low price. Many of the other ferry boats require passengers to purchase a ticket for every one-way trip. With the New York Water Taxi, you can pay a fee and ride as much as you want between 10 AM and 7 PM.

You can also get on and off the boat anytime it docks – without paying a fee to return. The hop-on, hop-off option allows you to explore as many New York City neighborhoods as you want. When you want to get back on the boat, simply head to one of the many piers that service the water taxi to ship off to your next destination.

It’s a Great Way to Get Around NYC

Getting around New York City isn’t easy. When it comes to transportation, you can walk, drive, take a taxi, ride the bus, subway or a bike – or take a ferry. Every mode of transportation has its ups and downs. The subway is convenient (yet it’s confusing, crowded and dirty). The buses are convenient, but they’re tricky to navigate, and you end up waiting in endless New York City traffic. Driving? Forget about it.

The New York Water Taxi is a great way to get around the city, as it offers access to most of the major sites. It docks just a few short blocks from Times Square, the World Trade Center, Battery Park, Wall Street and the Brooklyn Bridge. You can easily connect to just about any other type of transportation from the ferry docks.

The water taxi is safe, fun and easy to access. All you need is to present your ticket for access at any dock.

New York Water Taxi in East River

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See the Statue of Liberty

There are two ways to see the Statue of Liberty: take a ferry to Liberty Island or see her from an equally amazing view from a boat on the harbor.

On the New York Water Taxi’s route, you’ll be able to see the statue from her best angle – in the New York Harbor. Not only does the water taxi sail right past the statue, but the boat slowly spins for several minutes to offer passengers on every side of the ship the same great view.

The ferries that sail directly to the statue are often crowded and uncomfortable, as they don’t offer seating for every passenger and fill up to capacity year-round. The New York Water Taxi offers every passenger a seat, and there’s never overcrowding on the ships.

Explore Different NYC Neighborhoods

The water taxi docks at four ports that serve various neighborhoods including:

  • Times Square
  •  Midtown
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • West Village and Greenwich Village
  • World Trade Center, Tribeca and the Financial District
  • Battery Park and Lower Manhattan
  • Wall Street
  • DUMBO, Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn

If you only visited these New York City neighborhoods, you would get a taste of everything the city has to offer.

You can enjoy the shopping, bright lights and tall buildings of Times Square and Midtown; the trendy restaurants of Hell’s Kitchen; the posh celebrity homes of the West Village; the comedy clubs and bars of Greenwich Village; stunning views from the new One World Trade Center and the solemn history of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum; the industrial vibes of Tribeca; the financial history of the Financial District and Wall Street and the beautiful views of Manhattan, rich history and unbeatable shopping in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of DUMBO, Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn.

NY water taxi

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Learn About the City Through Guided Narration

New York City’s European history dates back to the 1600s; its Native American history dates back thousands of years. That’s a lot of ground to cover.

Luckily, you get to hear all about it through the guided narration offered on the New York Water Taxi. You won’t get any canned audio on this boat. A licensed tour guide will explain the history of each neighborhood you pass as you enjoy the sights of beautiful architecture and natural wonders.

Did you know that the Harbor used to be home to the largest oyster beds in the world? Did you know that there was a rivalry between the the Chrysler Building and 40 Wall Street? Luckily, your charismatic guides will know all of this and more – and be happy to share any information with you and your party.

See the Brooklyn Bridge

Sure, you could walk the one mile across the bridge (and you still can since you can “hop off” at the Brooklyn and Manhattan sides of the bridge!).

But what if you don’t want to walk across the bridge? You can stay seated while taking photos from some of the best vantage points on the New York Water Taxi! The best part is that your onboard guide will tell you all about the history of the bridge, including stories and fun facts.

The water taxi doesn’t sail underneath the bridge, but you’ll still get all the best views from both land and sea.

If you want to hop off at the bridge, you can walk over to Brooklyn Bridge Park to get even more great views of the bridge and the New York City skyline. You can also grab a bite to eat at the award-winning Luke’s Lobster, the Michelin-starred restaurant River Café or even a burger at the New York City chain, Shake Shack.

Learn About Other Attractions

You’ll get great views of the World Trade Center, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty from the New York Water Taxi. Your onboard guide will tell you the history of these landmarks in great detail.

Yet what if you want to know about other famous landmarks in the city? Your licensed onboard guide can tell you anything about pretty much any other famous New York City landmark. Need help deciding whether you want to visit Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building? Need advice on whether the Metropolitan Museum of Art is worth the price of entrance? Want to know how many floors are in the Empire State Building? Ask your tour guide!

Ask Questions About New York City

In addition to answering questions about New York City landmarks, your guides will also be able to answer questions on just about any topic that involves the Big Apple (including why New York City is called the Big Apple).

Your guide can offer advice on where to get the best pizza in the city, where you can find the best bagel and how to get the best photos of the Empire State Building. You can also even ask guides advice on using the subway. Asking a New Yorker (or a Jersey guy or gal) is the best way to get insider information on the city.

Sit Back and Relax

Most visitors don’t realize how much walking is involved in New York City. It’s not uncommon to take over 20,000 steps in a day here. When you’re not walking, your heading up and down several flights of stairs to access the subway. You’re running to catch the bus or a taxi. Or, you might even end up riding bikes around Central Park. Sometimes you simply need to… relax.

The new York Water Taxi gives you a chance to sit back and enjoy the view – no matter what the weather. If it’s raining out, you can take a seat inside and still enjoy the sights of the city without getting wet. If the weather is pleasant, you can take a seat on one of the outside decks for some of the best views of famous New York City landmarks.

There’s even beer, wine and snacks on the boats to help you sink into vacation mode even faster.

Choose the Pass That’s Right for You

The New York Water Taxi offers several different passes. If you only want to see the city by boat for one day, you can get the one-day pass that gives you access to the water taxi from approximately 10 AM to 7 PM every day.

Can’t get enough of those views and convenient transportation? You can choose the two-day hop-on, hop-off pass to get even more information and great city views. The same company even offers specialty cruises and speed boat tours of the New York City harbor.

New York Water Taxi Pass

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Snag Amazing Photos

No matter what ferry dock you start your journey on, you’ll get great views at nearly every nautical knot. Some of the best photo opportunities on the New York Water Taxi Include:

  • Manhattan skyline
  • New Jersey and Jersey City
  • Empire State Building
  • Chrysler Building
  • World Trade Center
  • Battery Park
  • New York Harbor
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Verrazano Narrows Bridge (longest suspension bridge in the Americas)
  • Governor’s Island
  • Brooklyn
  • The Brooklyn Bridge
  • The Seaport

Since you can hop off four times during the 45-minute boat tour, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with these icons as well. Can’t find that Instagram-worthy shot? Your onboard tour guide will be able to recommend different vantage points for the best views.

Get Another View of the City

New York City is known for its impressive skyscrapers. Yet, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees when you’re standing in the middle of everything. To get some of the best views of Manhattan, you’ll need to take a step back.

The New York Water Taxi goes down the Hudson River, into the New York Harbor and up the East River. From these viewpoints, you’ll be able to get some of the best photos of the cluster of buildings that makes up Manhattan.

New York Water Taxi View

Credit: Chris Parypa Photography / Shutterstock

Skip the Lines

There are dozens of ferries and boats that circle Manhattan every day. Yet, many of these ships are crowded and offer very few seats for passengers. The worst part is that passengers often need to wait in long lines in the sun or rain before boarding the ships.

The New York Water Taxi offers visitors easy access to their ships since they continually sail several ships per hour. Instead of one boat circling Manhattan, there are several ships that sail up and down the rivers and throughout the harbor.

Even bus and subway passengers often find themselves waiting in long lines. Since the New York Water Taxi is more popular with tourists, you won’t need to fight through huge crowds of commuters to get to the ferries.

Go to Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of New York City’s most popular boroughs. Both locals and visitors alike head across the East River from Manhattan to Brooklyn to browse its shops, eat at its restaurants and wander through its museums. In fact, almost 3 million New Yorkers live in Brooklyn alone! That’s twice the population of Manhattan.

The new York Water Taxi is an extremely reliable way to reach some of the most popular areas of Brooklyn, including DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn.

You can’t see all of New York City in just one day, but with a hop-on, hop-off New York Water Taxi pass, you can see a huge chunk of it in just a few hours. Not only will you get great photos and learn a huge amount of information about the city, but you’ll also get to sit down, relax and enjoy the view for awhile.

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