What to do this week (January 7th – January 13th )

Trying to figure out what to do this week in New York City? Now that the holidays are over and things are returning to normal, there are plenty of ways to get the year started off right in the city. By the week of the 7th through the 13th, everything will be back to normal hours and you do not need to be worried about planning for closings or reduced hours. However, it is also still winter, so outdoor activities may be limited.

Eat Dinner in Jackson Heights

This neighborhood in Queens has everything from Latin to Indian cuisine and many things in-between. The diversity and originality of the food here makes it one of the top culinary destinations in the entire city. Those who are looking to maybe try something a little different will be pleased by the variety and the ability to find a restaurant that will appeal to everyone. Some local favorites include Jackson Diner on 74th Street and Arepa Lady on Roosevelt Ave. Prices also tend to be more reasonable in these casual restaurants than the upscale dining in other areas such as Manhattan.

Go see the Lion King

The renowned Lion King musical will be performed every night from the 8th through the 13th on Broadway. If you have not seen it yet, you owe it to yourself to see why it has received universal praise from both critics and audiences. Performances will be at the Minskoff Theatre on West 45th Street this week and the show tends to last about two and a half hours. This show is also a good introduction to Broadway that is suitable for families as well as adults.

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Check out the Nightlife in Bushwick

Bushwick has been well known as a magnet for the young who come to the city to party for quite some time. However, the nightlife is dense enough that everyone can find something they enjoy. There is also easy access from the subway which makes this location ideal for those who may need to come or go throughout all hours of the night. The Gold Sounds Bar at 44 Wilson Ave in Brooklyn has live music on Monday, Friday, and Saturday during the week of the 7th through the 13th. There are also plenty of other venues you can find just by walking through the neighborhood. Other local favorites include Freedom Garden and the Rakit Club. Many of these venues also have great food and unique drink specials.

Look for Post-Holiday Sales

New York City has tons of retail space, and many of these locations will be looking to get rid of excess inventory at low prices this time of year. The city is known for having stores that cater to every interest, and this may be the best time to get a steal on something you have been looking for. Check social media pages of stores that interest you for exclusive discounts and look for stores that may be having big sales with heavy discounts or going out of business entirely. Non-perishable items like holiday decorations can also be bought at very low prices this time of year and saved for the future.

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As always, there is a lot going on in New York City. These neighborhoods are a good way to start an adventure filled with entertainment, dining, and shopping. Feel free to explore and find interesting things in and around these attractions.

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