Ultimate Jogging Guide for NYC Visitors Who Love Scenic Runs

If you enjoy staying active during visits to NYC, you’ll love this ultimate jogging guide to the city’s most scenic runs. That’s because the Big Apple has an unlimited number of opportunities that will let you keep moving: from strolling along city sidewalks to walking to dance clubs where you can boogie the night away. The city also has a huge selection of places where you can go on a jog in a beautiful setting. If you’re wondering where you should lace up and go while you’re in the city, check out the list below. These spots offer a free space to run and a beautiful backdrop to admire while you’re on the move.

The Ultimate Jogging Guide for NYC Visitors: the City’s Most Beautiful Runs

The following runs offer joggers a place to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of the city.

The Reservoir in Central Park

The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir is a 1.58-mile running route that features a beautiful 106-acre reservoir at its center. The reservoir path feels like an escape into nature, even though it’s really at the center of the city. From the Reservoir, you can not only see the water in front of you but also the stunning backdrop of skyscrapers in midtown Manhattan and residential buildings on the city’s Upper East and Upper West sides. To get to the Reservoir within Central Park, you can enter the park at E 96th Street, E 86th Street, W 93rd Street, W 86th Street, and W 96th Street. You can also wander through the park to get there, which lets you see the rest of its gorgeous landscape along the way.
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Hudson River Park

Run along another body of water with skyscraper views when you jog the path at Hudson River Park. The trail goes along the Hudson River on the city’s west side, so you can see the fast-moving river and the buildings on the other side in New Jersey. The park goes from 57th Street all the way down to Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan. Once you get to Battery Park, enjoy the stunning views of the Statue of Liberty nearby.

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Prospect Park Running Path

Another place in NYC that lets you feel like you’ve escaped into nature is Prospect Park. The park has a paved path that loops its exterior, so you can take in the beauty of the park and the interesting people who spend time there. The full perimeter loop is about 3.68 miles, giving you plenty of trail to enjoy. You might just get inspired while you’re there, since many competitive-level running clubs use the Prospect Park Running Path for training.
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Orchard Beach Promenade

You might not know it, but NYC actually has some pretty beautiful beaches, including one called Orchard Beach. Orchard Beach is technically part of Pelham Bay Park, which is NYC’s biggest park and is located in the Bronx. It’s also home to a promenade that provides an excellent place for running. The promenade, which is 1.1 miles long, lets you get in a short run while you enjoy views of the Long Island Sound. When you’re done, you can lie on the sand or dip your toes in the water. The beach also has amenities like food carts, a central pavilion, playgrounds, picnic areas and more.

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East River Greenway Run

If you’ve checked out the run on the Hudson River, try running on the other side of the island of Manhattan, along the East River. The East River Greenway running path goes along FDR Drive. There is a gap in the middle of it, thanks to the UN Headquarters. However, if you want to get a solid run in without coming across any breaks, try jogging on the path for the 4.4 miles from East 34th Street all the way down to Battery Park.

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The Manhattan Bridge

The most iconic bridge in NYC is the Brooklyn Bridge, but all that recognition brings crowds and makes it unsuitable to run across comfortably. Instead, opt to run across the Manhattan Bridge, which goes from the Lower East Side to DUMBO. The jog will take you across the East River, and you’ll have beautiful views of the Brooklyn Bridge and skyscrapers on either side of the river (Brooklyn and Manhattan). Once you get to DUMBO, explore the trendy little Brooklyn neighborhood. Crossing the bridge one way is a little over a mile, so go both ways for a longer jog.

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If you’re traveling to NYC, you don’t need to give up on your exercise routine. In fact, you can keep jogging every day of your trip and enjoy some spectacular views while you run. Try out several jogs from this Ultimate Jogging Guide for NYC Visitors, and you’ll burn plenty of calories and be able to enjoy the city’s culinary delights completely guilt-free.

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