Top Three Summer Spots in New York

If you’re planning a trip to New York this summer, there are a few places you have to check out. Starting in late May, there is a three-month-long Shakespeare festival in Central Park. The Botanical Gardens will also be in bloom and shouldn’t be missed. And, of course, you can’t visit the Big Apple without having a hot dog. While you may not be able to see all of the city in one trip, these spots will make you feel like a true local.

Shakespeare in the Park

New York is known for cultivating the arts with its many museums and theaters, so a visit wouldn’t feel complete without seeing a show or visiting an exhibit. However, instead of being inside during the great weather, go check out the Shakespeare in the Park festival that will be taking place on the Great Lawn in Central Park. The Delacorte Theater has been performing Shakespeare here since 1962.

To start off the summer, “Othello” will be playing from the end of May through June 24. Once it has finished, they will be performing “Twelfth Night” for the remainder of the season. This venue is perfect if you are traveling on a budget since tickets are always free. Tickets are handed out at the Delacorte Theater starting at noon on the day of the show.

New York Botanical Gardens

When you’re surrounded by all the brick and concrete of the city, it can be hard to remember that nature is still so close. That’s why the Botanical Gardens are a must-see when you come to New York in the summer. With 25 separate walks available, you can see plant life from around the world. You can also check out their website to find a list of flowers that will be in bloom while you are visiting.

After visiting London and seeing the Royal Botanic Gardens, two American botanists started these beautiful gardens in 1891 on a piece of land once used for tobacco farming. They believed that the United States should have the leading botanical garden in the world. Totaling 250 acres and still growing, the gardens are now the largest in the world, encompassing over a million different varieties of plants.

Hot Dog Speakeasy

The last stop you need to make this summer is to a hot dog shop. Located in the East Village of Manhattan, Crif Dogs has some of the best deep-fried hot dogs around. However, that’s nothing compared to what is hidden in their phone booth. Dial out to get a seat at one of the trendiest, hidden speakeasies in New York.

The Please Don’t Tell (PDT) is a cozy little bar that is the perfect way to end your night. The dimly lit atmosphere and animals lining the walls makes this exclusive bar feel like a Hemingway novel. Relax in one of the leather booths and try their handcrafted cocktails and specialty hot dogs. Reservations for the day begin at 6 p.m., or you can try their phone booth to see if they have room at the bar.

There is so much variety in New York that if you want another vibe, just go across town and you’ll find it. While it can be overwhelming trying to take everything in, with these summer hot spots you’ll feel like you’ve seen it all.

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