The 5 Coolest Playgrounds for Kids in NYC

New York City is an excellent destinations for travelers of all ages — especially kids! If you’re traveling to New York City with little ones, there are lots of things for them to do there, including some incredible playgrounds. The following five playgrounds are the coolest in NYC — and ones you can’t miss if your kids love slides, swings, seesaws and other fun play equipment.

Pier 25 Hudson River Park Play Area

At Pier 25 Hudson River Park, there’s a ton of stuff for people of all ages — including an awesome play area. Often considered one of the best playgrounds in NYC, this play space is more than 25,000 feet in area, and it has things like a sandbox, water features, huge swing sets for both big and little kids, and a climbing wall. While you’re in Hudson River Park, check out other fun things to do, like batting cages, tennis courts and mini golf.

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Playground for All Children in Queens

Playground for All Children is a playground in Flushing Meadows Corona Park (in Queens) that was built for both able-bodied and disabled children. Opened in 1984, the playground is intended to be used by kids ages 3 to 12, and it has equipment that can be played on even if you have canes, crutches, a wheelchair or another assistance device. At the park, kids can enjoy a performance area, basketball court, baseball diamond, a traffic bridge with traffic lights, a trail with braille signs, and many more fun and unique attractions. The Playground for All Children also has regularly scheduled learning events, so do some research in advance to see if anything special is going on there during your visit.

The Yard

If you’re up for an adventure, try checking out the Yard, a relatively new playground located on Governors Island run by play:groundNYC. This adventure playground has a ton of materials for kids to explore and build things, including hammers, nails, saws and more. Kids can enter the Yard and create something new with materials and tools, or they can destroy something they find there. The Yard is intended for kids ages 6 and up. To get to Governors Island, you have to take a ferry, but once you do, you can explore this historic and scenic island off of Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Waterlab at Pier 6

Is it hot outside? Go to one of NYC’s best water-centric playgrounds, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Waterlab at Pier 6. This playground, located in Brooklyn Heights, has a field of water jets, which means that kids can get in their bathing suits and play in the water for hours. In addition to the Waterlab, Brooklyn Bridge Park has other great playground features, like a Tarzan rope swing, a two-story slide and many swing sets. When you go to Brooklyn Bridge Park, you can enjoy the view of Manhattan from across the River.

Imagination Playground

Imagination Playground is located at South Street Seaport, near the tip of lower Manhattan. This playground has things for kids to build with: sand, water, foam blocks, mats, wagons, fabric and more. Take a kid here who is creative and loves to dream up their own inventions and worlds.

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If you’re traveling to NYC with kids soon, make sure you check out some of the city’s best playgrounds. These playgrounds are equipped with some of the most fun equipment in the most beautiful natural settings, so you can enjoy your visit and the scenery — while your kid has a blast, too!

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