Seeing an NFL Game in NYC

Did you know that when you visit NYC and want to attend a New York NFL game, you’ve actually got a choice between TWO teams, The New York Giants and the New York Jets? It’s true: New York City and Los Angeles are the only two cities with two NFL football teams. If you want to see an NFL game in NYC, here’s what you need to know.

Getting There: New York NFL Teams Play in New Jersey

Although they both carry the “New York” moniker, neither the Giants or the Jets play in New York City. In fact, they both play across the Hudson River from Manhattan, at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands. Don’t worry though, as there are numerous ways to get to the stadium if you don’t have a car.

New Jersey Transit has a Meadowlands Rail Line that you can get to by taking a Hoboken-bound PATH train from 34 St-Herald Square Station in midtown or a NJ Transit train from Penn Station to Secaucus. You can also take the New Jersey Transit bus lines Nos.160 or 703 from Port Authority Bus Terminal to the East Rutherford stop. Coach USA also offers coach bus service from Port Authority to MetLife Stadium via the 351 Meadowlands Express.

Buying New York NFL Team Tickets

If you know ahead of time that you’re going to be seeing a New York NFL football game, your best bet is to go to the New York Giants or New York Jets websites, and purchase your tickets there (if they’re available). Due to the team’s reputation and history, New York Giants tickets tend to be harder to get and more expensive than Jets tickets, so if you don’t have a team preference, go with the Jets. You may be able to find discount tickets, as well as more-expensive tickets to sold-out and in-demand games, on various discount ticket websites.

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New York NFL Team Tailgating

People don’t typically think they can tailgate if they don’t have a vehicle, but even if you take public transportation to a New York NFL game, you can still participate in that age-old tradition of tailgate parties.

For instance, Top Shelf Tailgate operates four-hour pre-game BBQs at Jets home games. For a set price, you get access to all you can eat and drink, as well as tailgating games, a live DJ, a private restroom and more. Big Blue BBQ operates out of Parking Lot 19-J at Giants home games, and also offers food, drink, a tent and other amenities for a flat charge. There are other tailgates open to individuals for both NFL teams, so you can get the complete football experience.

MetLife Stadium: What to Know

Both Giants and Jets games are subject to MetLife Stadium’s “Clear Bag Policy.” This means only acceptable bags, meeting stadium guidelines, will be permitted within the stadium.

As far as seats, prices sometimes go up considerably from the 100s to 200s to 300s. The 300s typically still give a great view of the action, at a more economical price. Plus, there are huge TV screens showing all the action at both sides of the field.

As with most concert and sports venues, food and drink prices within the stadium are expensive, so your best bet is to take advantage of the food at the tailgates outside before the game. You can bring in food, as long as it conforms with the bag policy above.

Lastly, realize that MetLife Stadium is not an indoor venue — it is totally exposed to the elements, whether that means the hot sun, rainy weather, or freezing cold. Dress appropriately for the weather, especially as New York NFL games later in the season tend to get very cold.

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