Getaway from NYC to Philadelphia

Philly is just 2 hours (or less) from NYC and offers a whole new world to explore. Visit historic sites like the Liberty Bell, or try top restaurants including Zahav and Amada. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get there, and what to do when you’re there whether you need family-friendly activities or you like to let loose and party.

Liberty Bell viewed from Independence National Historical Park  – Credit: Roman Babakin / Shutterstock

How to Get to Philly

There are many ways to get to Philadelphia from NYC. Amtrak runs a reliable and speedy train service from New York’s Penn Station to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. The Acela Express can get you there in just over an hour. Regular train service can take anywhere from one and a half to two hours. This method can cost anywhere from $40 to nearly $200 depending on what time of day you go and how far in advance you buy your tickets.

Another rail option that is less straightforward is to take NJ Transit. You would take it from Penn Station in NYC to Trenton, NJ, then take another train from Trenton to Philly. This option takes longer but only costs about $20.

from NYC to Philadelphia

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Driving from NYC to Philly is always an option but most New Yorkers do not own a car. With so many other transit options, renting a car isn’t the best idea, but it could be good for those who want extra freedom to explore. It usually takes about two hours to drive there along I-95, but there could always be traffic, making the trip longer.

You could take a short flight from NYC to Philadelphia. It might seem a little silly to fly for such a short trip, but it can be very convenient! These short flights may be around the same price as Amtrak, sometimes less.

There are plenty of buses to get you to Philly. Some options include the Bolt Bus and MegaBus with different pickup locations in NYC. Greyhound buses also depart on a regular schedule from Port Authority. The downside to buses is that their convenience is dependent on traffic. However, fares are often between $10 and $20, making it affordable.

What To Do Once You’re In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a strong city in its own right. There are many attractions in every category. History lovers will find a lot to appreciate as Philly was the first capital of the USA. Visit Independence Hall and see where the founding fathers signed the constitution.

Entertainment appreciators love to visit the famous steps from the Rocky movie. They are on the front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, so you can get your stair climbing on then appreciate some of the finest art the city has to offer. There is even a statue of Rocky at the bottom of the stairs!

from NYC to Philadelphia

Fairmount Water Works and the Art Museum – Credit: Shutterstock

No trip to Philadelphia would be complete without a delicious Philly cheesesteak sandwich. The best shop in town is a debate that could take all year, but there are plenty of amazing locations to enjoy the chopped steak sandwich like Geno’s Steaks or Pat’s King of Steaks.

Party lovers who enjoy a thrill shouldn’t miss the Hop Sing Laundromat. It’s a secret speakeasy where you could get kicked out for anything that might reveal the mystery of the location. Even taking a photo is an actionable offense. However, the cocktails are top notch and it’s definitely a “must-visit” bar.

Philly is accessible from New York as a day trip, an overnight jaunt or a long weekend. It’s amazing that there is a whole new city to explore just hours away from NYC!

from NYC to Philadelphia

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