Brooklyn: Believe the Hype!

Want to check out New York City’s trendiest borough? Come visit Brooklyn!

What to Expect

It’s hard to sum Brooklyn up in a few quick words. With a population of 2.6 million people, it’s the fourth-largest city in the United States! With dozens of eclectic neighborhoods spanning the river, coast, and borders of Queens and Long Island, it’s definitely the most diverse borough in the city. From the amusement park at Coney Island to the gorgeous, sprawling outdoor wonders of Prospect Park to the trendy boutiques of Williamsburg, there is something for everyone here.

History of the Neighborhood

Brooklyn was originally an independent city settled by the Dutch and named after the Dutch village of Breukelen. The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most iconic images of the city, was completed in 1883, completely connecting it to New York City as a whole. It was an early stop for immigrants coming over from Europe, and you can still find enclaves of Italian, Polish, Eastern European, Greek, Russian and other ethnicities in various pockets around Brooklyn. It has also attracted many newcomers to the city, both old and young, and has a versatile and dynamic energy.

Things to do in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn, being part of New York City, is still fast-paced. But locals will tell you it’s a far cry from living in bustling Manhattan or the Bronx. In addition to the busy areas like Downtown Brooklyn and Dumbo, there are also plenty of quiet, residential neighborhoods further south that are mainly home to longtime residents of the area. It’s definitely one of the chicest areas in the country, and one of the most expensive.

Things to do in Brooklyn

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The atmosphere in Brooklyn is laid-back and features everything from beautiful outdoor areas like Brooklyn Bridge Park, the East River Waterfront and Prospect Park to high-rise apartment buildings, employment centers, malls, warehouses and everything in between. You can find swanky cafes and cozy coffee shops as well as mom-and-pop diners and bucolic tree-lined streets. It’s also well-known for its nightlife — be sure to check out some of the cool bars and clubs in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, or venture out to Red Hook for some off-the-beaten-path live music!

Things to do in Brooklyn

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Best Walks

There’s no shortage of great walking tours in Brooklyn, but a few good ones to start with are the Brooklyn Heights Brownstone Walk with a stroll along the Boardwalk, a walk around Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery, or a walk from Greenpoint through Williamsburg.

things to do in Brooklyn

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You Will Fall in Love With:

Take the ferry from Manhattan to Brooklyn Bridge Park and disembark into the lovely, serene park, which offers views of lower Manhattan, the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, and the majestic East River. It’s one of the most fantastic places to get a sweeping view of the city. Then wander into the Cobblestone Streets of Dumbo to get a feel for old New York and check out some of the cool shops and restaurants located in the Dumbo neighborhood.

Things to do in Brooklyn

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How Do I Get to Brooklyn?

There are plenty of trains that will get you to Brooklyn — it all depends where you want to go! You can also take the NYC Ferry to a number of stops along the waterfront — you can find the guide on their website.

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