5 Ways to See a NYC Basketball Game: Madison Square Garden and Beyond

Ready to watch New York basketball? When it’s time to watch a little b-ball, New York City has a host of great ways to watch a game. Not only can you watch the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, but there are local games you can watch, or sports bars that play the game on the big screen.

From alleyoops to slam dunks, here’s where to find the best NYC basketball games:

1. Watch New York Basketball at Madison Square Garden

Check out basketball games courtside with loud, screaming fans – and a few famous celebs, cheering and jeering favorite basketball teams at Madison Square Garden.

Located at 4 Penn Plaza (31st-33rd Streets by Penn Station) in New York City, the Garden or MSG, is home to the New York Knicks. With its convenient access to trains, cabs, and buses, it’s the best way to watch live basketball. For post game highlights and a bite to eat, locals state restaurant prices are higher near MSG, but several great restaurants and bars are just a short cab ride away.

2. Check Out the Harlem Globetrotters

Lay-ups, slam dunk competitions, back-flips, and more! For a fantastic and entertaining time watching dazzling basketball tricks, head to Madison Square Garden to see the Harlem Globetrotters when they’re not touring elsewhere.

From their gravity-defying leaps to their winning smiles that make kids of all ages laugh, the Harlem Globetrotters are masters at quick ball handling. Look for standout players like Ant who only stands at 5’9″ or Big Easy, a showman who hails from New Orleans and stands at 6’9″. He holds the World’s Record for shooting the farthest hook shot at 72-feet, and blindfolded at 58-feet (now that’s making it look easy).


Credit: Melinda Nagy / Shutterstock

3. Catch a Little Outdoor “Streetball” in the Village

What’s a visit to New York like without a stop in the Village to catch a quick pick-up game? For the best in local basketball, NY sports fans head to The Cage.

Located at West 4th Street and 6th Avenue in the Village in New York, the Cage is an outdoor court where you can watch amateur players and tournaments. Not only is the arena frequented by some of the best and toughest players from the Bronx and Brooklyn, but scouts frequent the area looking for new talent.

4. Grab a Beer With the Corporate Crowd at Taproom 307

Want upscale scenery to watch your favorite basketball game? Join the corporate crowd at Taproom No. 307 which serves over 40 craft beers and 60 seasonal bottled beers.

Located on 3rd Avenue in the Murray Hill section of New York City, this sports bar isn’t your average bar. With its wood-framed back drop, and dimly lit setting, large screen TVs hang throughout the bar so you won’t miss a dribble, dunk or replay. Beer enthusiasts love the rare ales and beer sommelier (not a typo) are on standby. Try hand-cut fries with gravy and cheese, truffle burrata pizza, or mac n’ cheese with smoked pulled pork, (and you can order online before the game!).

5. Sip a Tequila and Enjoy the Game on 30+ TVs at Campeon

For a bite to eat and to catch the basketball game before it goes into O.T., head to Campeon in Union Square for tacos, empanadas, and tequila.

Located at 9 East 16th Street in New York City, Campeon is Spanish for champion and a favorite with basketball fans. There are 30+ TVs playing various games and fans state there’s no bad seat in the house, (and you probably thought you could only do this at Best Buy).

With so many amazing ways to catch a basketball game in New York, try them all. For the best things to do in New York next month, use Gosur travel maps for convenient smartphone access and maps of The Big Apple.

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