5 Things to Do in New York When You’ve Done It ALL

There is nothing in the world like visiting New York City. It’s a town so full of life, energy, entertainment, and excitement that as soon as you set foot here you feel like you want to do and see it ALL. But if you live here, or visit frequently, you have probably checked all the big “Bucket List” items off already and are looking for some more unique ways to live it up in the Big Apple. The city, home to over 8.5 million people, certainly has more to meet the eye when it comes to making the most of your time here. If you’re looking for a different approach to the city this time, check out this list of 5 things to do in New York when you feel like you’ve done it all.

Dine in Staten Island

Even some New Yorkers who have lived here their whole lives have never gone to the least-visited borough — and are they ever missing out! Take the free ferry from lower Manhattan across the waterway to Staten Island and enjoy the gorgeous views of the skyline from the boat. You can wander along the waterfront and check out the borough’s own 9/11 tribute before heading further into the island to a neighborhood called Little Sri Lanka. Pick any restaurant to sample some of the best ethnic food you can find in NYC, including authentic dishes like roti, sambals, and amazingly fresh baked goods.

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Visit the Highest Point in Brooklyn

If you’re interested in seeing one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in all of New York City, head to Greenwood Cemetery, just off 5th Avenue in South Brooklyn. For starters, Bill the Butcher is buried there. But there’s also landmark architecture, plenty of greenery, and a far cooler calendar of events than your average cemetery. Take a walk into the cemetery up to Battle Hill, the highest point in the borough, to get awesome views of lower New York Harbor and beyond.

Travel in Time at The Carnegie Club

If you really want a taste of what old New York City felt like, don your fanciest cocktail dress or fedora and bow tie and head to Sinatra Saturdays at The Carnegie Club. Tucked away behind an unassuming entrance on West 56th Street, this lounge is the perfect place to enjoy old-fashioned martinis, manhattans, and a classy cigar or two. Steven Maglio takes the stage on Saturday nights, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were listening to ol’ Blue Eyes himself crooning out the classics.

Check Out City Island

City Island in the Bronx makes an excellent day trip for New Yorkers who have seen it all. Head up early for a meal at City Island Diner, a neighborhood classic that serves a great no-frills breakfast. Then stroll around the island by foot to take in all the New England charm, quaint cottages, bungalows, and beautiful waterfront views. Try some of the fresh-caught lobster or crabs at Johnny’s Reef and sit near the water to enjoy views of passing sailboats. And don’t forget the City Island Nautical Museum, a nostalgic little place housed in an old public school.

Visit the Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island

On the southern tip of Roosevelt Island in the East River, you can find one of the coolest places in all of New York City. Here lie the ruins of an old Gothic Revival building formerly known as the Renwick Hospital. It was the center for smallpox treatment in NYC until the 1950s, when it was forced to close. It has since been declared a landmark but only some of the outer walls remain. It’s still a stunning place to visit if you like history and the feeling and folklore of old, haunted buildings!

 Things to Do in New York

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