New York’s Can’t Miss Shows Right Now

In a city known for its theater, it can be hard to know decide what to see on a quick visit. There is theater for whatever kind of mood you’re in, from a lighthearted musical to serious political drama to an immersive theater experience unlike any other. You won’t be short of choices. Here are some of tops picks for shows to check out on your next visit.

“Come From Away”

This heartwarming musical tells the story of a small Canadian town, Gander, that was the host to 38 diverted planes on September 11, 2001. While this maybe sounds like an unlikely theme for a musical, it beautifully portrays this harrowing day in American history and reminds the audience of the capacity for human kindness in the face of tragedy.

“Drunk Shakespeare”

For another uniquely New York theater experience, “Drunk Shakespeare” is a wild ride of night that combines a bar, lots of alcohol and Shakespeare. What could go wrong? Each night, one of the actors will take five shots of whiskey and try to perform a Shakespearean play — antics ensue. Called a “live-action drunk history” by Time Out New York, this alternative theater experience is ideal for the Shakespeare shy.

“Angels in America”

You won’t want to miss the revival of this ever-important and epic drama about being gay in the ’80s and the specter of the AIDS crisis that characterized that time. This truly masterful production, featuring Nathan Lane and Andrew Garfield, does justice to this beloved play, while situating it appropriately in the current times, 25 years after its initial production.

“Sleep No More”

“Sleep No More,” one of the original immersive theater experiences, is still going strong many years on and is worth a visit if you’ve never gone on this journey. This unique production is a retelling of Shakespeare’s seminal “Macbeth,” though you won’t hear his words — the actors tell the story primarily through their movements. What makes this a must-have experience is the setting. You will walk throughout the whole building from set to set, all designed down the last detail. You can interact with everything you see and follow actors as you desire to see scenes that burst out from nowhere. And if you’re really lucky, you may even get pulled aside by one of the actors for a one-on-one experience.


This off-Broadway comedy explores political themes that are extraordinarily pertinent in today’s climate. Examining both the ideals and the contradictions that exist in liberal, white America, this family/political dramedy is sure to raise some interesting questions.

“The Amateurs”

This delightful new work at the Vineyard theater will really give you a taste for the beautify of New York’s off-Broadway theater world. It tells the story of a theater troupe in the 14th century who are trying to outrun the Black Death. It is an inventive and hysterical testimony to the power of human creativity in the face of death.

“The Book of Mormon”

If you haven’t seen this hysterical story of the homegrown Mormon religion, it is absolutely worth a viewing. Funny, witty and at times offensive, this musical has been delighting audiences for over three years. Brought to you by the creators of South Park, who show a genuine fascination with Mormonism, it’s a Broadway production sure to make you laugh yourself silly.

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