Forever 21 | 1540 Broadway

Late night shopping in the heart of the Big Apple.

How many clothes stores do you know that open until 2 am? In the city that never sleeps, it should come as no surprise to find such a rarity. This branch of Forever 21 by Times Square holds over 90,000 square feet of fashion, spread over four floors.
Make sure you have at least an hour to spare to fully explore the store’s ever-increasing range of clothes and accessories. Forever 21 has everything from sweatshirts and formalwear to scarves, sunglasses, and socks. They have a whole floor dedicated to menswear, as well as sections for boys, girls, as well as plus size. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, it probably doesn’t exist.
  • Need to change right now? Ask and staff will cut off all tags so you can wear your wares straight away.
  • Locals say that this Forever 21 plays the best music so keep an ear out in store!
  • Be aware that their plus size is sometimes smaller than the competition. Try before you buy.
  • Can be messy at busy times, but if that doesn’t bother you then there are plenty of bargains to be found.
  • If you are staying at another part of NYC and not in the Times Square area, there are subway entrances close by, as well as New York taxis available for use.

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