Top 6 Places to Buy Affordable Souvenirs in NYC (not in Times Square)

When you travel to NYC, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to bring home souvenirs in order to remember your experiences. However, shopping for trinkets in the city can be expensive–especially if you’re spending time where a lot of tourists spend time, like Times Square, or the airport. However, there are places in NYC where you can go to find souvenirs that are both cheap and high quality, so you can bring memories home with you, or tote gifts home for people you love. Here are the 6 best places in NYC to find great souvenirs that won’t also break the bank.

The Tenement Museum Shop

On the Lower East Side of NYC is the Tenement Museum — a place where you can go explore and learn about real tenements from the city’s past. The museum itself is entertaining and educational, but it also has a great shop with New York related gifts. Visit the shop for t-shirts, keychains, Christmas ornaments, books and puzzles, and other fun city-related items.

Memories of New York

South of Times Square is a neighborhood called Gramercy, and in this neighborhood is a great shop for souvenirs, called Memories of New York. This affordable store sells a huge range of classic NYC gifts, including I <3 NY t-shirts, handbags, snow globes, pens, postcards, and other sought-after items. If you’re looking for a store that has all of the iconic knick-knacks, this is your place.

NYC souvenir

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Grand Slam New York

Do you love the New York Yankees? If so, visit Grand Slam New York. It has a huge selection of Yankees items, from foam fingers to hats to Jerseys. The store isn’t just dedicated to baseball, and you can also find t-shirts, trinkets, and a wide range of NYC items there.

The Met Store

The Met Store is the retail destination connected to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can shop at the Met Store for tons of stuff related to the museum: prints and posters of famous paintings there, notebooks featuring artwork, wall calendars, t-shirts, and more. You can also find other creative goods at the Met Store, like arts supplies, sketchbooks, and coloring books–for both adults and kids. The Met Store also sells higher-end gifts, like home decor and jewelry, if you’re looking for a present for a special occasion.

Unique Gifts NYC

When it comes to gift stores, this one’s name says it all. Located on 33 W 19th Street, Unique Gifts NYC only sells gifts created by local artists. This means none of the cheesy plastic stuff. Instead, find items created by artists and artisans, including jewelry, clocks, wood carvings, and more. To find a souvenir that is different from the trinkets everyone else is bringing home, this is a great store to visit.

The Strand

The Strand isn’t quite a souvenir store, but it’s a New York institution, and a great place to bring home an affordable piece of NYC. The original location of this legendary used bookstore is located at Broadway and E 12th street, and you can find more than 18 miles of books within the store. Also within the shop are gifts like tote bags, t-shirts, hats, greeting cards, and a slew of other things to bring home with you from your trip.

Strand Book Store NYC Souvenirs

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Shopping for souvenirs in NYC can be expensive and stressful. However, if you find good shops off the beaten path, you can bring home great items, and have a good time while you shop for them.


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