Where to Meet for Meat: NYC’s Best Steakhouses

Attention carnivores– are you dying to sink your teeth into a gloriously juicy cut of beef? Have you been dining on salads for too long, and feel like your light lunches and dinners need some more heft? Fear not, hearty eater, here at Gosur we’ve got you covered with a list of New York City’s best steakhouses.



Located in Midtown West and operating since 1885, Keens is a classic, old-school steakhouse. If you were to picture what you think a traditional steakhouse looks like, you’re likely picturing the dark furniture, fireplaces, and portrait-studded walls that Keens is famous for. The restaurant is also known for its porterhouse steaks and T-bones, served with nostalgic sides like creamed spinach and hand-cut french fries. As a 2013 recipient of the James Beard “Classics” award, the restaurant has a unique item on its menu that you likely won’t find at another steakhouse in the city– a 26 ounce mutton chop.
72 W 36th Street

Peter Luger’s

In the heart of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, Peter Luger’s has outlasted the trends that have come and gone in this vibrant section of the city. Another James Beard “Classic”, you’ll often hear the quality of the beef served here uttered in hushed, revered tones. Their in-house, dry-aged steaks have caused many carnivores to become weak in the knees upon its tableside presentation with clarified butter. There’s a reason their USDA prime beef is seasoned only with salt– when your product is this good, you don’t need to gild the lily. Let the quality of Peter Luger’s legendary beef speak for itself.
• 178 Broadway, Brooklyn


Open since 1837 in the Financial District, Delmonico’s was a favorite of wealthy investors like JP Morgan and sports stars like Babe Ruth. Why did it attract such notable names? Because Delmonico’s gained its fame by inventing dishes like baked Alaska, lobster Newburg, and eggs Benedict. You’ll feel just as notable when you walk through the steakhouse’s opulent door into a dining room that reeks of old-world glamour. While ordering the restaurant’s namesake steak is a good call, they also have 28 and 45 day dry aged steaks that will make your mouth water.
• 56 Beaver Street

Century eatery Delmonico's Best NYC Steakhouse

Credit: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

New School

Bowery Meat Company

A more modern take on the traditional NYC Steakhouse, Bowery Meat Company mixes old-school ingredients with new-school twists. Located in the East Village, you’ll find traditional cuts like prime NY strip steak and a dry-aged, bone-in ribeye, as well as more playful dishes like crispy duck wings or a chicken liver parfait.
9 E 1st Street

Quality Eats

Light, bright, airy, and affordable aren’t typically words that come to mind when you think of a steakhouse. However, the West Village’s Quality Eats offers some non-traditional beef cuts, such as bavette and hanger steak, that allows them to serve “quality eats” at quality prices. Side dishes draw from Mexican (street corn), Italian (cacio e pepe orzo), and Spanish (grilled octopus) influences.
• 19 Greenwich Ave

St. Anslem

Normally steakhouses have a pretty strict dress code, but what if you’re in the mood for great meats without having to dress to the nines? Enter Brooklyn’s St Anselm, a brick-exposed, casual steakhouse that still kills it in the kitchen. If you want to take down a Flintstone-sized cut of beef, tackle the Piedmontese Axe Handle– a massive, bone-in ribeye that takes at least an hour to prepare. Sit back, sip on a wine from their cleverly curated list, and try not to let this steak tip over your table.
 355 Metropolitan Ave

No matter your dining style, NYC’s steakhouses will let you dive into the best cuts of beef in the country. Just make sure to leave your steak sauce (or ketchup!) at home.

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