Eating With a World-Class View: Where to Dine Near Central Park

You need to figure out where to eat near Central Park while you’re spending time exploring its natural beauty. No doubt you’ve worked up an appetite wandering the green field of Sheep’s Meadow, waving to the animals at the Central Park Zoo, or meandering through the formal floral structures of the Conservatory Garden. If you’re looking for the best places to find a bite to eat, here’s a guide that’s got you covered.

Upscale Dining

Looking to splurge and explore the finest gems of NYC’s dining scene? These are the restaurants located near Central Park that will top off your fairy-tale carriage ride through the park with equally fabulous culinary treats.


Upscale Italian dining with 2 Michelin stars? Si, per favore! This perennial favorite, located on the south side of the park, often tops “Best of” lists for many publications. Chef Michael White’s seafood-centered restaurant (“marea” means “tide” in Italian) mixes sustainable, screamingly fresh seafood with superb service and a killer wine list. Marea makes an impression and can stand up against the natural beauty of Central Park with its own impressive pedigree.

• 240 Central Park S.

Cafe Boulud

Famed French chef Daniel Boulud’s award-winning bistro Cafe Boulud elevates traditionally casual brasserie with intricate plating, creative dishes, and exceptional service. The inspiration behind Cafe Boulud is a combination of the chef’s love for fresh, seasonal ingredients, French techniques and cuisine, and the world cuisines he adores. You will find French classics such as foie gras and poulet roti alongside seasonal rotations of seafood, proteins, and vegetables.

• 20 E 76th St.


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Casual Places to Eat Near Central Park

No dress code required here to nosh on some of New York City’s classic dishes.

Patsy’s Pizza

Established in 1933, Patsy’s Pizza offers a taste of ‘za the way it used to be made “way back when.” Brick oven, coal-fired pizzas are this place’s specialty, which you’ll find on the west side of the park. If you’re looking for a classic, cheesy, thin, New York-style slice, look no further than Patsy’s.

• 61 W 74th St.

Barney Greengrass

Opened in 1908, this traditional Jewish deli hasn’t changes much over the years– and with good reason. When your smoked fish and chopped liver sandwiches are already perfection, why mess with a good thing? Barney Greengrass is a cash-only establishment, so make sure you hit up an ATM before you dig in.

541 Amsterdam Ave.

Slice of traditional New York pizza

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Grab ‘N Go

If you want to grab a quick bite and keep on moving through Central Park, these eateries will let you sneak a quick bite to fuel up for your next walk.

Shake Shack

Who doesn’t love a classic, all-American burger? Restaurateur Danny Meyer wanted to bring the burger back to its basics after seeing countless trends of over-hyped and under-whelming burger. The result? Shake Shack, a high-quality burger, fries, and milkshake restaurant located on the west side of Central Park. Every detail, down to the crinkle-cut fries, is meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the burger stands of your youth.

Pick a Bagel

The iconic New York bagel is best enjoyed on the go while exploring the early morning charms of Central Park. At Pick a Bagel on Lexington Avenue, you can choose from a wide variety of fresh bagels and homemade spreads (or a “schmear” if you want to sound like a real New Yorker.) You can also hit up this eatery for lunch to enjoy a wide variety of portable deli sandwiches.

Bagel in New York City

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New York City’s Central Park is a natural wonder in the middle of a hustling, bustling city. Make sure you pencil in one of these great eateries located near the park in order to fuel your footpath through the city!

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