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New York is known for great shopping, amazing attractions, and the best Italian pizzerias. This comes as no surprise given New York’s vicinity to Ellis Island, America’s Melting Pot.

Whether you’re looking for a classic slice of New York City pizza, a Sicilian slice or a Neapolitan, you’ll find that New York has plenty to choose from and these 7 restaurants have everything a pizza lover could want.

1. SottoCasa Pizzeria

To experience a truly delicious homemade pizza with a lightly sweetened sauce, take a trip to SottoCasa Pizzeria.

Located on Malcolm X Boulevard between 121st and 122nd Street in New York, the pizzeria is a quiet and comfortable setting with fast and efficient service. Customers rave about the white pizza or the zesty chicken parmesan pizza. But save room for dessert. A must-try is the stagioni and nutella pizza or the chocolate hazelnut cake with gelato – Mangia!

Nutella Pizza

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2. Numero 28 Pizzeria

Winner of the Certificate of Excellence, for the best Neapolitan pie heated in a blazing brick-oven, head to Numero 28 Pizzeria.

Located on Carmine Street in the West Village of New York City, the pizzeria with its wood and brick backdrop is a standout in a sea of pizzerias. Whether you dine inside at a table, sit at the bar, or sit outside to watch the foot traffic, customers boast about the meatball and Diavola pizza or the crispy thin pizza bread and tasty margherita pizza.

3. Coppola’s Pizzeria Restaurant

Located on the Upper West Side, Coppola’s Pizzeria Restaurant is the perfect setting for romance or a family gathering.

From the dark wood beams and exposed brick to the abundance of personal pizzas and side dishes, the family-friendly atmosphere has delicious brick-oven pizza and uses all homemade ingredients. With reasonable prices and ample portions – – crack open a bottle of Chianti – – Abbondanza!

4. Luigi’s Gourmet Pizza

Where would a New Yorker be without a fast food pizzeria to grab a hot slice? For cheesy pizza in Midtown, head to Luigi’s Gourmet Pizza.

Located on the West Side near 55th-56th Streets in New York, the Pizzeria is an inexpensive go-to spot for a great slice of New York pizza served piping hot in a paper bag if you’re on your way to Central Park. If you’re dining in, as seating can be a little tight, try the yummy white or veggie pizza or opt for a slice of the best NY Sicilian pizza. And take an extra slice or two to go!

Slice of traditional pizza

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5. Patzeria Perfect Pizza

Tucked away in Times Square, Patzeria Perfect Pizza is a grab-and-go pizza location that you’ll love if you’re staying nearby.

Located on West 46th Street in New York, the pizzeria delivers huge slices, with ample toppings and thick, gooey cheese. It’s also just right for budget conscious diners as prices range from $3-5 a slice.

6. Uncle Paul’s Pizza

For a taste of amazing wood-fired pizza, from a convenient midtown location, try Uncle Paul’s Pizza.

Located on Vanderbilt Avenue near Grand Central, the quaint restaurant is most known for its delectable lasagna pizza or its tasty vegetarian pizza, along with a host of other popular pizzas and pastas. Slices are huge and well worth the wait!

7. Babbalucci

Some Italians say, “Conosco i miei pizza,” which means “I know my pizza”. For die-hard pizza aficionados, head to Babbalucci.

Located on Lennox Avenue in New York, this wood-burning pizzeria offers a cozy, family-friendly setting. Pizzas are topped fresh with ingredients like babbalucci (snails) and burrata (fresh mozzarella). Try the St. Nic pizza with gorgonzola, grana, prosciutto, truffle oil, and mushrooms, and enjoy a glass of wine on the front patio.

With so many exceptional dining options in New York, try them all. For the best things to do in New York next month, use Gosur travel maps for convenient smartphone access and maps of The Big Apple.

Pizza in New York

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