6 Exceptional Seafood Restaurants in NYC

New York is a food-lover’s paradise, filled with exceptional culinary experiences and journeys of gastronomic discovery. And thanks to the city’s location on the Atlantic coast, The Big Apple has more than its fair share of stunning seafood restaurants.

Whether you’re looking for a lavish fish taster menu or something more laid-back for a quick lunch stop, these six popular seafood restaurants prove that New York has everything a discerning food-lover could ask for.

1. Sushi Nakazawa

Throw a stone in New York City, and the chances are it will hit an eatery selling sushi. But if you want to experience the Japanese delicacy in its truest, most authentic form, a trip to Sushi Nakazawa is a must.
Located on Commerce Street in New York, this daring and imaginative restaurant has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of cuisine. You’ll find everything from live shrimp to torch-cooked tuna here, as well as what could be the most extensive selection of traditional sakes anywhere in the city.
• 23 Commerce St.

seafood restaurants in NYC

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2. Clemente’s Maryland Crab House

If you’re looking for quantity as well as quality, there’s no better place for an all-you-can-eat fish feast than Clemente’s Maryland Crab House in Brooklyn. King shrimp is at the center of almost everything here, and the only thing between you and the bottom of your plate is the size of your stomach.
All of the shrimp served at Clemente is freshly-boiled in one of two styles: Maryland old school or Italian garlic. While the buffet is limited to Mondays and Tuesdays, the portions here are always a real bellyful.
3939 Emmons Ave.

3. Marea

Located in Midtown West, Marea is a Michelin-starred restaurant that tries to offer value for money. Michael White’s prestigious fish restaurant has a reputation for create food art while delivering complex and intense flavors from the ocean.
While the dinner menu is a lavish — and predictably pricey — affair, the signature dishes of seared scallops and octopus fusilli are well worth the expense. But if you want to dine on a budget, opt for the two-course lunch — which includes a crudi or antipasti starter and a classic pasta or protein-based entree.
 240 Central Park S.

seafood restaurants in NYC

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4. Luke’s Lobster

OK, so this seafood eatery is now part of a chain, but it hasn’t always been. Located in the East Village, Luke’s Lobster was once little more than a shack — and the outlet that started a national chain of branded restaurants.
For less than the price of a couple of beers, you can get one of their famous chilled lobster rolls, as well as a selection of shrimp and crab dishes. Or if you simply can’t decide, order the Luke’s Trio combo, which is half a lobster roll, half a shrimp roll and half a crab roll.
 93 E 7th St.

5. Maison Premiere

Located in the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn, Maison Premiere is the perfect place for large gatherings — as there are some simply breathtaking sharing dishes to choose from. This is a cocktail and oyster bar all rolled into one, which gives patrons the opportunity to dine and drink under the stars on a beautiful outdoor patio.
If you’re part of a large group, order “La Grande Plateau,” which is a multi-tiered spread of lobster, scallops, crab, clams, oysters, shrimp and caviar.
298 Bedford Ave.

6. Cull and Pistol

Finding quality seafood at affordable prices in Chelsea isn’t always easy — unless you head straight to Cull and Pistol for their happy hour. Between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, you can feast on $1 oysters and $6 bloody marys. This is the perfect place for simple, no-frills dining; you can either sit at the bar, or take a stool at one of the wooden tables that line the dining area.
Whatever type of fish you order, make sure you try the house-made cocktail dipping sauce — it’s a gastronomic phenomenon in these parts.
•75 Ninth Avenue.

These six exceptional seafood restaurants in New York are always packed with diners, so it’s important to plan — and book — ahead. Organize every last detail of your next trip to The Big Apple with the help of Gosur.

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