5 Great New York Stores for Organic Produce

New York City has always been a city of food lovers, and its culinary status isn’t going to change anytime soon. But what is changing is the type of food products locals and tourists enjoy — and the switch to organic foods with clear provenance continues apace.

It probably won’t come as a surprise that the Big Apple is home to several incredible organic food stores; here are five of the most popular.

1. High Vibe

High Vibe on E 3rd Street is a treasure trove of organic foods — with a particular emphasis on raw and vegan products. Whether you’re a health and fitness nut or someone with severe food allergies, you can turn to this independent store for nearly anything you could think of.

One of the specialties here is the nut butter, made from walnuts, pecans and cashews. There is also a great line in aloe vera products — both for the skin and for consumption. As well as organic foods, High Vibe specializes in whole food supplements, which means it’s popular among local fitness fanatics.

This is a great place if you’re new to the world of organic health foods. Staff members are willing to walk with you as you shop, and there are hundreds of books on healthy eating to get you started.

2. Union Square Greenmarket

Located on Union Square W between 15th Street and 17th Street, Union Square Greenmarket is as much an experience as it is a store. This place is packed with organic fruit and vegetables, which are laid out right in the middle of the square. This is an old-fashioned market with a great vibe, thanks to cheerful sellers and the hive of activity the place generates.

Not only will you find fresh fruit and vegetables, but you’ll be able to sample freshly prepared snacks — all made with fresh, organic ingredients. Visit during the week to avoid the crowds, since the sellers will have more time for you. Union Square Greenmarket is renowned for its fresh apples, so don’t leave without trying the hot cider and the cider donuts.

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3. Columbus Natural Food

Situated on Columbus Avenue, this well-stocked store offers everything from organic Florida oranges to herbal supplements. And if you’re looking for “free from” products, there’s no better store in New York.

But what’s really great about Columbus Natural Food is the fact that many of the ingredients are used in-store to make tasty smoothies and juices. There’s coffee available at all times of the day, as well as organic soups and snacks. You can even choose your own ingredients from the shelves, and watch as the staff prepares them.

4. Westerly Natural Market

Westerly Natural Market on 8th Avenue is packed to the rafters with organically grown fruits and vegetables. You’ll find everything from peaches to kiwi fruit here, as well as whatever is seasonal at the time.

There’s also a large selection of health supplements — made with real foods, not chemicals. And the store always has special offers on vitamins. Whether you’re looking for protein powder or fresh lemonade, you’ll find it right here. Just make sure you check all the leading discount websites first, since you’ll often find vouchers for various products and offers.

5. Foragers

Located on 8th Avenue in Chelsea, Foragers has a reputation for seasonal organic foods of the highest quality. Freshness and provenance are always guaranteed here, since most of the vegetables and fruits are grown on the owner’s farm in upstate New York.

It’s not just fresh organic produce that attracts the visitors, however. This store has its own wine store and coffee blend, and organic scones and donuts are baked fresh on the premises every day.

The next time you’re searching for the freshest organic food in New York City, try one of these fantastic independent stores — they have a great deal to offer.

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