Raise Your Voice: Where to Sing Karaoke in NYC

Looking for one of the best things in New York to do next month? How about going out to sing some karaoke! It doesn’t matter how good (or bad) your voice may be. After a few drinks out with good vibes and good companionship, any karaoke experience is a great time. Karaoke nights consist of good food, lively spirits, and a diverse range of singalongs. Any karaoke night out in New York City is bound to be a great time. So, where should you go?

One of the Best Things to Do in New York Next Month: A Karaoke Night Out

Gagopa Karaoke

Koreatown is the central karaoke hub in New York City. Koreatown located right in the middle of Midtown Manhattan. This section of New York is one of the city’s great food destinations. Yet, some of its true charm lies in its amazing karaoke offerings. The most famous karaoke spot in Koreatown is the fabled Gagopa Karaoke. Gaga Karaoke is right in the heart of Midtown off of 32nd Street (easy to get here out of the subway). Head in on a Friday or a Saturday night to sing your heart out with a catalog of tens of thousands of songs.

There are Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese selections alongside the many English options. It’s a cheap place. It is only $32 for a four-person room for an hour, or $8 an hour per person. You can bring in your very own food and alcohol for the party. Try stopping by one of the many great Korean places nearby for some takeout before you head in. It’s also an ideal spot for a birthday or a get-together, if you’re meeting a group of people out in the city.

Karaoke City

Karaoke City off of 32nd Street is another prime spot for belting out some Celine Dion after a few beers. No, we don’t judge. It’s rather cheap drinking for New York City. There is a very nice foreign whiskey selection at Karaoke City. Hey, you’re gonna need that if you want to try to meet her vocal range! There’s also a gigantic music selection. Don’t trust the place for a great meal (it’s serviceable, at best). Instead, go out to eat somewhere great in the city and make Karaoke City your dessert.

Spot Karaoke

Spot Karaoke (also on 32nd — notice a pattern?) is one of the more stylish karaoke joints in the entire city, with a modern/futuristic vibe. It trends towards a younger, partying vibe. This is more of a birthday party joint than a social karaoke spot. Yet, its booths are big and comfortable, the song selection is epic, and the drink menu is superb. There’s a nice selection of Korean liquors. Try the bokbunja, a raspberry wine, or the cocktail soju. The cocktail soju is a mixture of liquors and flavors. There is lychee, mango, yogurt, pineapple, strawberry, peach and yazu. Be warned — it’s powerful. If you want to try to relive your college days, there are several “bombs” to try like soju and eager. A nice throwback place to party, if that’s your thing.

Sing Karaoke in NYC

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Planet Rose Cafe

If you’re looking for a spot that’s a little off of Koreatown, head over to the East Village to Planet Rose cafe. The Planet Rose’s slogan is a spot for “drinkers who sing and singers who drink.” The acclaimed East Village hotspot is straight out of the 1950s — down to the zebra print features. It’s an ideal place for parties or a very chill night out.


How about something across the East River? For Brooklynites (read — hipsters), the place you want to be at is Beats, right in the heart of Brooklyn at 29 Grand Street. The beer is cheap. It’s only $6 for domestics, kind of a bargain here in New York City) and there’s an extensive soju, wine, sake and liquor list. Even better, this is a place you can actually go out to for a good meal. Their “crispy sushi” small bites are excellent. Korean chicken wings and fried rice meals are also hearty and delicious. Get in there early on the weekends, though — it gets super crowded.

Bonus tip if you go to Beats? Try the BYOB special, and pick up some delicious Brooklyn beer at Other Half before you head in to sing at Beats. How about in the northern part of the city? If you find yourself in Bronx, the local spot to go to to belt out a tune is the Punch Bowl. The Punch Bowl is an awesome old-school dive bar off of Broadway. Their Friday night “Karaoke With Dawn” nights are legendary. Expect a steady procession of U2 and Beatles favorites to go along with your Guinnesses.

Arlene’s Grocery

Finally — what’s cooler than regular karaoke in NYC? How about live band karaoke in Lower Manhattan? The fabled Arlene’s Grocery off of Stanton Street is the place for “Live Rock N’ Roll Karaoke.” This “Live Rock N’ Roll Karaoke” has a crack backing band ripping out live versions of songs you can sing along to. That’ll make you feel like Axl Rose for a night!

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