Why Bushwick Is One of NYC’s Coolest Neighborhoods

Across the East River from Manhattan, in one of the world’s trendiest towns (Brooklyn) is a neighborhood called Bushwick. Once an industrial haven and long-neglected part of the borough, Bushwick has experienced a renaissance–become a hotspot in town for shopping, nightlife, dining, and beautifully renovated homes. Read on to learn more about why Bushwick is one of NYC’s coolest neighborhoods, and what you can do on a visit there.

Brief History of Bushwick

Bushwick was settled by the Dutch in 1700. In the late 1800s, Bushwick boomed thanks to industrial and transportation advances. Many factories and industrial businesses thrived there, and people moved there to enjoy the plethora of shopping and employment options. By the 1970s, however, the area declined, and many storefronts and factories were abandoned. This was exacerbated by the blackout of July 1977, when tons of stores were looted and burned. Bushwick never fully recovered–until the late 1990s, when investors became re-interested in the and began building new residential buildings and renovating old buildings into luxury residential spaces. Today, the area is filled with people who call the neighborhood home, as well as artist studios, galleries, restaurants, and tons of nightlife options.

Bushwick Street Bushwick NYC

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What to Do in Bushwick

If you decided to visit Brooklyn, during your trip to NYC, you can’t miss Bushwick. This area will show you a side of NYC you’ve never experienced, and you’ll understand why Bushwick is one of NYC’s coolest neighborhoods. Here’s what to do while you’re there.

Eat at Roberta’s

Roberta’s is one of the area’s most famous restaurants. This Italian-inspired dining spot is famous for pizzas–and it’s also one of the trendiest places in the neighborhood to see and be seen.

Go Shopping at the Loom

The Loom used to be an old mill. Today, it’s a sort of shopping mall space with more than 20 stores in it. Go shopping there for clothing, artisanal goods, or art.

Tour the Area’s Grafitti

Bushwick is known for having incredible street artists who have created incredible graffiti throughout the area. Take a tour of the neighborhood to see some world-class creations. If you want to see the best work, start on Morgan Avenue.

Bushwick Colective Bushwick NYC

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Find a Steal at Urban Jungle

Brooklyn is home to some excellent thrift stores, and Bushwick is no exception. Head to Urban Jungle to check out the vintage goods that are there. You can find tons of designer goods for extremely low prices, and the store is full of things donated by other Bushwick residents– which means they’re likely to be very trendy and fashion-forward.

Look at the Art at Microscope Gallery

Microscope Gallery is one of best art galleries in Brooklyn– and it’s one of the reasons why Bushwick is one NYC’s coolest neighborhoods. Microscope Gallery was founded in 2010, and it features artworks that include digital art, film, sound art, music, and more. Microscope regularly hosts performances artists, as well as rotating exhibits. The gallery also has a regular weekly event series, so check out what’s happening there during your trip.

Have a Cocktail at the Rookery

If you’ve had a long day in Bushwick and you’re ready for a nightcap, head to the Rookery, a bar that serves up every kind of drink you can imagine — and that has a killer patio for imbibing outside when the weather is nice.

Bushwick commercial street Bushwick NYC

Credit: Alessio Catelli / Shutterstock

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