Where to Stay Outside of Manhattan

When visiting New York City, you can save money by finding a place to stay outside of Manhattan. Thanks to a comprehensive transportation system (trains, buses, ferries), there are many great–and less-expensive–places to stay that will still leave you plenty of time to see and experience all NYC has to offer. And these places have some things to offer themselves !

4 Fun Places to Stay Outside of Manhattan

Sure, you’re visiting NYC to see the sights and attractions in Manhattan, but there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself loving any one of these four neighborhoods, too. Two are in New York, and two are in New Jersey, but you really can’t go wrong whichever one you choose.

1. Brooklyn

Ahhh, Brooklyn–New York City’s hottest borough for quite a few years now. Located just over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan, this borough has quite a lot going for it, including hopping nightclubs, idyllic parks and some of the best restaurants in the entire city.

There are plenty of amazing things in Brooklyn, and staying here could knock the price tag of your trip down a bit. Plus, you’ll only be a long stroll, Citi bike ride, or short subway or taxi ride away from Chinatown, the Financial District and so much more.

Brooklyn Bridge Park where to stay outside of Manhattan

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2. Queens

Located just across the East River from Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Queens offers some budget travel prices, especially the farther east you stay. If you stay in this borough, try to make time to visit Astoria and the Museum of the Moving Image, as well as Flushing Meadows–home of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships at the end of the summer. You can also visit the Queens Zoo and New York Hall of Science.

Queens is a good place to stay if you are flying in and/or out of LaGuardia Airport. Note that the farther east your hotel, the longer it will take to get into Manhattan.

NY Hall of Science where to stay outside of Manhattan

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3. Jersey City

A stay outside Manhattan in Jersey City will reward you with some of the best views of the New York City skyline you’ll ever see. Accessible from Manhattan via PATH trains as well as buses and taxis, Jersey City is the home of Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Science Center.

Downtown Jersey City, in the area around the Grove Street PATH station, recently became the location of many acclaimed restaurants, offering a diverse selection of food and drinks from many different cultures. Exchange Place also has a selection of restaurants and bars with views of lower Manhattan.

where to stay outside of Manhattan

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4. Newark

Although most people only know Newark as the location of the busy and ever-popular Newark Liberty Airport, the city has more going for it than just budget hotels. Newark’s Ironbound District is renowned for its authentic Spanish and Portuguese restaurants, along with some newer Brazilian steakhouses.

The New Jersey Performing Arts Center is also located in Newark, and it has a calendar full of musical performances, speaker discussions and comedy shows. If you have time, visit the Newark Museum, New Jersey’s largest museum, just a few blocks away from Rutgers University’s Newark campus. Newark is a short train ride away from Manhattan via New Jersey Transit (midtown) and PATH trains (downtown).

where to stay outside of Manhattan

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