Magnificent Midtown NYC

When you hear the location “Midtown NYC”, you might think that’s a boring, ho-hum, average section of the city. However, this is Manhattan we’re talking about, and Midtown here contains some of the tallest skyscrapers and iconic skyline views of any place in the world. The bustling heartbeat of a vibrant city, Midtown New York City is a must-visit stop on your trip to the Big Apple.


Much like the name suggests, Midtown NYC is the central section of Manhattan, located from 59th Street in the north, to about 23rd Street to the south. Within this massive chunk of real estate, you’ll find several smaller neighborhoods such as Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, and Gramercy Park. You can explore each section on foot, but be prepared to do a lot of walking. Your best bet is to utilize the cost-efficient public transportation system, such as the MTA bus service or city’s subway lines. You’ll see that the streets are wildly congested with traffic, so taking cabs or ride share services will likely take longer than public transportation.

Taxis in Midtown

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There are so many impressive buildings in Midtown that it’s almost difficult to take in their majestic splendor! If you’ve never stepped foot in Times Square, you should make it a point to experience, even if you’re just walking through it’s massive bright lights and towering billboards. Is it touristy? Absolutely. However, there is truly nothing like this cross-section in the world.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? First you practice, and then you head a few blocks south of Central Park to catch a glimpse of this famed concert venue. You can also stop by the Manhattan Center, home to the Hammerstein Ballroom, a place where artists ranging from Britney Spears to David Bowie have had legendary shows.

You can recognize the Empire State Building’s art deco facade instantly from movies and TV shows, so why not see it in person? Head up to the 102nd floor’s observation deck to get a panoramic view of Midtown NYC and its surrounding boroughs.

Midtown New York

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As if there aren’t enough recognizable buildings in this area, Rockefeller Center is one that shows up on your TV screen every morning for a popular series of news programs. Here’s another place where you can hop up to the observation deck for priceless city views, or you can strap on your skates at ground level for a pass at the legendary rink. At the base of this complex of buildings is Radio City Music Hall, where the famed Rockettes have kicked their way into entertainment history. Much like Carnegie Hall, Radio City is still seen as the pinnacle of an artist’s career if they make it to the famed stage.

If you’re looking for the center of the theater universe, look no further than the bright lights of Broadway. This large entertainment section is contained in Midtown NYC’s borders, and offers an endless array of world-class musicals, dramatic performances, and intimate shows that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

It’s incredible to think that this list barely scratches the surface of iconic buildings, businesses, and landmarks contained in Midtown NYC. With its valuable real estate, densely-packed stores and skyscrapers, and endless array of activities, you’ll never hear “I’m bored” on your trip to Midtown!

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