Five Things You Have to See and Do in Lower Manhattan

You’re heading to Manhattan, but you might not know what to see or do during your visit. Why not put your focus on Lower Manhattan? This area is always hustling and bustling with excitement.

What to See and Do in Lower Manhattan

The guide that follows walks you through five things you simply have to do while you are in Lower Manhattan.

1. Take a Ride on the Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is an iconic ferry that allows you to see New York in a very unique way. The ferry is free to ride and it operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can bring baby carriages and bikes onto the ferry, which makes it great to ride during day trips. Videotaping and pictures are allowed on the ferry so you can document your day on the water. The ferry has two terminals that you can use. The first one is the St. George Ferry Terminal, located at 1 Bay Street, and the other one is the Whitehall Ferry Terminal, located at 4 South Street.

Staten Island Ferry Lower Manhattan

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2. Visit Fraunces Tavern

When you go to Lower Manhattan, you have to visit Fraunces Tavern. Built in 1762, the tavern stands as the oldest building in New York. This tavern is located at 54 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10004, and it features more than 100 different types of beers and ciders and an excess of 200 different types of whiskey. With so many options you’ll never have trouble finding the perfect way to wet your whistle. You can tour the museum they have on site and even enjoy a bite to eat at the tavern.

Lower Manhattan

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3. Tour the Castle Clinton

Located in Battery Park, New York, Castle Clinton is a circular fort that was used as the first immigration station within the United States. More than 8 million people traveled through the fort within just five years. You can walk around the fort and see many of the sites preserved for their historical significance.

Lower Manhattan

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4. Take a Harbor Lights Cruise

Many people don’t realize how amazing the lights of New York can look at night. However, seeing them from the street doesn’t do them any justice. Visit 2430 FDR Drive, New York, NY 10010 to take a Harbor Lights Cruise. You get to view the sparkling city lights at night and see some of the famous landmarks at the same time. You can enjoy cocktails and take pictures during the cruise, as well.

Lower Manhattan

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5. Visit the New York Stock Exchange

While New York officials stopped giving tours of the interior of the New York Stock Exchange, they still allow you to take pictures of the exterior of the building and walk up and down Wall Street. The Stock Exchange is located at 11 Wall Street, Manhattan, NY 10005. It can be humbling to see the hustle and bustle of Wall Street in person.

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You can see all of these sites over the course of a day, but in order to get the most out of each site, you want to take your time and pay attention to everything there is to see and do. Many of the sites have historical information for you to read and different places that serve as an excellent background for pictures.

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