5 Cheap Hotels in NYC

New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world. While it’s easy to find great food on a budget, finding accommodations in this city on the cheap isn’t as easy. With the city cracking down on illegal Airbnb apartments, it’s become even more difficult to find a room that’s friendly to your wallet. Yet, you can still find a few cheap hotels in NYC — if you know where to look.

Pod Hotels

The Pod Hotels aren’t exclusive to New York City. They embrace a “Japanese-style” of compact comfort and privacy. Yet the most one of the most expensive cities in the US is the perfect place for this type of cheap hotel.

Each visitor gets a “pod-style” room that is just big enough to fit one or two guests. The beds are situated bunk-bed style in rows along walls. Guests share large bathrooms and showers with the other visitors.

There are three Pod hotels in Manhattan, Pod 39, Pod 51 and Pod Times Square. Each location is named after its physical location in Manhattan.

Prices start at $115 a night.

cheap hotels in nyc

POD 51 Hotel

Jane Hotel

The Jane Hotel isn’t just a budget hotel — it’s also a theme hotel. Located in the building that once housed Titanic survivors who made it to New York on the Carpathia, the Jane plays up its maritime history.

Visitors can choose the “economy” option, a room decorated like a ship’s cabin; complete with bunk beds, torches and no windows. Or, they can choose the “captain’s quarters,” a larger room with full-sized windows, a queen-sized bed and a bathroom.

Located on the Hudson River, the Jane also features amazing views from its rooftop bar in the summertime (and during seasonal weather).

Prices start at $128 a night.

cheap hotels in nyc

Jane Hotel

Blue Moon

The Blue Moon is a 3-star hotel, located in Manhattan’s trendy Lower East Side. The Blue Moon’s rooms and common areas aren’t as posh as the Jane’s or the Pods’, but visitors love the location. It’s close to a huge variety of bars, restaurants and attractions — including the Tenement Museum.

Rooms start at $130 a night.

Cheap hotels in nyc

Blue Moon Hotel

Bowery House

If you’re looking for something a little trendier in the Lower East Side, look no further than the Bowery House. This stylish hotel and hostel is decorated like a gentlemen’s club. It also features a stunning rooftop bar with an equally stunning view of Lower Manhattan.

Socializing is encouraged here as there are plenty of community spaces. You can even play board games, table top tennis or pool here.

Rooms start at $120 a night.

Hotels in NYC for romance

50 Bowery Hotel NYC


If a gentlemen’s club isn’t your thing, stay at the posh SoHotel. It’s located on the border of the Lower East Side and another one of New York’s trendiest neighborhoods — SoHo. This hotel features rustic interiors, exposed brick and velvet upholstery. The offer both single and double rooms.

Rooms start at $166 a night.

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Though New York is known for its steep rents and pricey hotel rooms, you can still get a great deal here if you know where to look. To find other great deals, try searching in one of the outer boroughs (Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens or Staten Island) and in New Jersey. These areas are known for offering both cheaper rents and accommodations than Manhattan.

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