Best Places to Take Teens in NYC

Looking for activities in New York for teens? From a visit to Dylan’s Candy Bar to letting kids hang out at Macy’s Herald Square so they can shop with friends and have fun, New York City has several fun activities for kids. With Dave and Buster’s arcade in Times Square, exhilarating tours like the Ride, the Beast or the Shark, a visit to Madame Tussaud’s, the Museum of Natural History or Central Park Zoo, they’ll have a fun time exploring New York City.

Activities in New York for Teens: Hop on a Thrilling Ride

Ready to go sightseeing at record speeds? From the Shark Ride to the Beast, New York has thrilling ways to excite teens as they zip along the Hudson River or East River.

Located at Pier 83 near West 42 Street in midtown New York, the Beast is an exhilarating jet boat tour kids rave about. With awesome views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, the 30-minute ride does 360-degree spins and entertaining staff will spray you with water guns (but don’t tell your kids).

If you’re not afraid to get back into the water, try the Shark high-speed boat tour. Located at Pier 83, this roller coaster on the water will have your teens thinking you’re the coolest parent ever. See the Manhattan Skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, and other landmarks.

Note: Keep hats and sunglasses secure given the high speeds. Sit near the front to avoid getting drenched. People in the back get soaked (but don’t tell your kids that either).

Don’t want to get wet? Try the Ride Tour which is an interactive bus ride tour around Manhattan.

Take in an Exciting Show

For an amazing musical parents and kids will enjoy, check out Disney’s, The Lion King.

Located at the Minskoff Theatre at 1515 Broadway on 42nd Street in New York City’s theatre district, the Lion King is based on Disney’s 1994 movie. With Timon and Pumbaa entertaining audiences of all ages, not only will you be singing along to famous Elton John songs like Can You Feel the Love Tonight or Circle of Life and Hakuna Matata, but you’ll be just as engaged as your kids.

Note: Watch out for wild wilder beasts, elephants, and giraffes as they walk, leap, and dance across the stage, in the balcony, and down the aisles.

Already saw the Lion King? Take kids to the Central Park Zoo so they can see real lions, and tigers, and bears (oh my!).

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Visit a Cool Candy Shop

For a candy wonderland that offers a host of sugary confections and ice cream sundaes with toppings piled high, visit Dylan’s Candy Bar.

With locations on 3rd Avenue, Union Square, 58th Street, Greenwich Street, and West 42nd Street, Dylan’s is a tasty treat for kids and adults. You’ll find nostalgic candies like wax bottles, candy cigarettes, razzles, all kinds of chocolate, a cotton candy machine, and more.

Note: Visit during lunchtime for burgers, chicken tenders, and the best milkshakes.

Not interested in candy? Let your kids shop visit Macy’s Herald Square with their friends or visit Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in Times Square before a stop at Dave and Buster’s arcade for cool video games and food. There are two movie theaters nearby and several restaurants.

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Do an Aerial Back Flip

Ready to see your teens soar through the air in a flying trapeze? Take your kids to Trapeze School for trampolines and high-flying aerial leaps.

Located at 353 West St. Rooftop in New York City near Pier 40, aerial instructors will teach you flying techniques. With 1-2 hour classes, past visitors state you might get in the air 8-10 times but don’t forget to wear socks.

Not up for doing backflips? Head to the American Museum of Natural History where kids will flip out over the massive dinosaur skeletons and the great blue whale model.

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With so many exciting ways to entertain your teens and feel like a kid again, try them all. For the best things to do in New York next month, use Gosur travel maps for convenient smartphone access and maps of The Big Apple.

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