5 Days in NYC with Kids

When planning five days in NYC with kids, it’s important to fit as many fun things into the trip as you possibly can. You want to be sure that there is something for everyone to do and allow your family to take in all that the Big Apple has to offer. The following guide walks you through fun adventures your family can enjoy on a five-day trip to NYC.

Visit the Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure

The Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure provides your family with a fun and exciting way to bond together. Individuals age 7 and up can enjoy scaling their way through the treetops in a safe way. Harnesses are provided to ensure that no one is injured during the expedition. There are numerous courses of varying degrees of difficulty for your family to partake in and even ziplines for those daring enough to try them.

what to do in the Bronx NYC with Kids

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Enjoy a Whirl Around the LeFrak Center Roller Rink

Create fun memories with your kids at the outdoor roller rink located in LeFrak Center in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. During the winter the rink turns into an outdoor ice skating rink and during the warmer months of the year, it’s an outdoor roller rink. Kids and adults get to show off their skills while listening to great music and being surrounded by beautiful scenery.

See Amazing Wildlife at the New York Aquarium

The New York Aquarium is another amazing sight to see during a trip to NYC. There are numerous hands-on activities for families to enjoy and even a tunnel that allows you to be surrounded by oceanic wildlife in an up-close and personal way. Learn intricate details about the animals and take photos with beautiful animals as the backdrops.

New York Aquarium NYC with Kids

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Take a Trip into a World of Miniature Delight at Gulliver’s Gate

Most people are intrigued by miniature things and Gulliver’s Gate provides you with all of the miniature exhibits you can handle. There are over 50,000 square feet of interactive miniatures on display for your family to see and enjoy. The exhibits allow you to handle and even play with some of the miniatures so that you are able to appreciate just how detailed they are.

Learn More About the Food You Eat at the Edible Academy

The Edible Academy at the New York Botanical Garden in Brooklyn allows your children to learn how to grow produce, how to care for it, and how to use it in new and interesting ways. They are able to actually get their hands dirty tending to a garden and then learn how to use the items that have grown to create salads and appetizers or even learn how to pickle them.

new york botanical garden NYC with Kids

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Burn Off Some Energy at the Chelsea Waterside Playground

Visit the Chelsea Waterside Playground to allow your children to get out their energy in a fun way. The park features numerous slides, swings, and climbing areas, as well as a great splash park where kids can get wet during the hot summer months. If you have your pampered pooch on vacation with you, allow them to stroll through the dog run located at the park.

Test Your Spy Skills at SPYSCAPE

Teach your children to hone in on their spy skills during your five days in NYC with kids at SPYSCAPE . There is a great museum filled with classic spy gadgets and gears that have been used all throughout the world. There are also interactive activities that you and your family can do to test your spy skills and learn how to improve them so that you can become the best spies you can possibly be.

Enjoying five days in NYC with kids to the fullest requires proper planning and a little fearlessness. If your family is willing to try new things and see what NYC really has to offer, you’re sure to have a great time on your trip.

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