The Best September Events in NYC 2019

Fall is coming up sooner than you think, and as soon as August rolls around, you’ll catch yourself wondering about the best things to do in New York in September. Check out these fun events to explore some of the very best autumnal events New York City has to offer in 2019.


Don’t get confused: Despite the name, Oktoberfest starts in late September (around the 21st) and continues into the first week in October. This annual fall festival is a celebration of German culture and cuisine, and features classic beer, sausages, music, and dancing.
Many of New York’s most beloved dining and drinking establishments have Oktoberfest events. Beer gardens are a staple of the German landscape, so it’s no wonder many favorite NYC open-air beer spots feature Germanic brews and meals — and even servers in dirndls and lederhosen — come late September.

NYC Fashion Week

Many fashion-forward cities worldwide hold a Fashion Week, and New York is no exception: The city actually hosts two Fashion Weeks. The first falls in February, but the city’s second New York Fashion Week (or NYFW) of 2019 starts on Friday, September 6 and ends on September 14.
During NYFW, designers, models, fans, patrons, bloggers, photographers, and more all descend on the city’s poshest locations to explore the most beautiful, fascinating, and outrageous items designers have to offer. Names range from some of the fashion world’s hottest commodities, to up-and-coming designers looking to claw their way to the top. The list of NYFW locations, events, and attractions is ever-changing, so do your research and get tickets early to make sure you can attend.

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New York Caribbean Carnival Parade

Labor Day is the last hurrah of summer, and New York offers plenty of places to celebrate. This holiday falls on September 2 in 2019, and most people mark it by finding a reason to be outside, enjoying the last of the sunshine before chilly weather comes in.
Many New Yorkers (and tourists) prefer smaller get-togethers for Labor Day, like cookouts and beach excursions. If you’re looking for a celebration, there are a ton of Caribbean-themed events taking advantage of the warm weather that weekend. Perhaps the best-known is the New York Caribbean Carnival Parade, which winds through Crown Heights amidst tropical music, costumes, and dancing.

Dîner en Blanc

Dîner en Blanc is an unusual event: people choose a weekend to picnic together in a public place and enjoy fine food and wine, all while wearing white clothing. The result is a chic way to explore some of New York’s finest cuisine, in a unique, friendly, open-air ambiance.
New York City’s Dîner en Blanc falls in September. But where is it? Unfortunately, that’s a little tricky to answer. Despite welcoming hundreds of people, Dîner en Blanc is actually a very exclusive event. Organizers extend invitations to a number of hand-picked individuals, and let them know when and where to gather. If you aren’t lucky enough to know someone who can hook you up, you’d need to sign up for the event’s waiting list, and hope.

The Vendy Awards

New York City has some of the world’s finest street food. The Vendy Awards are a unique way to explore the very best of the city’s food carts, in a competitive (yet friendly) atmosphere. Ten-thousand chefs gather on Governor’s Island on the 21st, to showcase the very best their food carts have to offer for judges — and the lucky public.
Unfortunately, after 18 years running, organizers have announced that 2019 will be the very last Vendy Awards. If you’re interested in discovering the crème de la creme of New York’s food carts (which, thankfully, will continue their good work even after the Vendy Awards are shuttered), then this is your last chance to enjoy this event.

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