Exciting NYC Events for October: Pro Football, Opera & Halloween Night

Visit New York City during the eventful month and celebration of October NYC to enjoy thrilling experiences like a riveting pro football game or an unforgettable night of passion and charm at a grand MET Opera performance. If you linger in this enticing city till the end of the month, you can join the colorful New York Halloween celebration. Take a tour of a haunted Broadway theater to mingle with the chilling spooks, goblins and hollow, ghostly laughter echoing from the distant dark balcony alcoves. Then head downtown to Greenwich Village for an evening of festive frolic and fun-filled hilarity at the annual Halloween Parade.

Experience Fall to the Fullest: Come Celebrate October NYC for Vivid City Colors and Vibes

Although the brilliant hues of autumn are most often associated with the colorful array of foliage before trees shed their leaves for the winter, the city is also alive with color during the month of October. Whether your favorite pastime is spectator sports, a live stage performance or a rambunctious, celebratory night out at the Halloween Parade extravaganza, you will find it all ready and waiting for you in New York during October.

Enjoy a Pro Football Game

Take in an exhilarating game of NFL Football at an action-packed New York Giants game. Watch Eli Manning work his famed magic from the edge of your seat as one fast-paced play surpasses another. If you prefer, get tickets for a New York Jets game to see just how consistent or unexpected Josh McCown’s quarterbacking plays prove to be. Regardless of which team you favor, you are in for plenty of lightning speed moves and just as many sudden surprises.

Immerse Yourself in the Opera

Experience a truly unforgettable evening of passionate opera at its best by attending a performance of Puccini’s La Bohème at the Metropolitan Opera House of Lincoln Center. This all-powerful drama of love and loss in heights of operatic splendor starring Vittorio Grigolo, Nicole Car, Michael Fabiano and Ailyn Pérez will captivate and enthrall you from the enriching beauty of its opening notes to its passionate ending and final curtain. You will carry the vivid memories of this mesmerizing performance with you as you leave the opera house and long afterward.

Metropolitan Opera in New York City

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Get Spooked at a Haunted Broadway Theater

Take a Halloween tour of a haunted Broadway theater for real-time thrills and chills of supernatural spirits, artsy apparitions and scary spooks that hoot down at you from distant rafters. Explore legends of famed actors from the past whose ghostly presence haunt and mystify these long-standing theatrical palaces. Inhabited at least every October 31st by the spirits of actors, playwrights and well-known characters from celebrated plays, these lovable homes to the world’s heights of mysterious drama, hair-raising music and bone-chilling effects create a powerful haunting and daunting ghoulish ambiance, perfect for any frightful Halloween Day celebration.

 Join the Outlandish Halloween Parade

On the night of October 31st, join the lighthearted partying at the annual Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village. As part of this fun-loving celebration, you can toss all caution to the wind and become your favorite ghoul, ghost or rowdy spirit, sauntering through the streets as part of the main event. After the parade, join with other paraders to enjoy food, drink and more good fun at one of the many nearby cafés, clubs, restaurants or pubs and party till the first rays of sunlight shine brightly on the cusp of November.

Whether you bring family, best friends or make this October trip to New York on your own, you will enjoy every moment of this multi-faceted and merry-making month of activity. New York welcomes one and all to its own brand of harvest season festivities, so come take part and celebrate the city’s fall calendar of spectacular sports, captivating culture and ghoulish glee.

West Village Halloween parade

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