Rockefeller Center: A Place of Magic

Are you looking for the best things to do in New York next month? Do you have plans to visit during the Christmas holidays, too?

If so, you will find Rockefeller Center has got you covered. This well-known destination embodies holiday spirit. There’s no question that it’s one of the best places to spend Christmas. The amazing decorations, beautifully lit Christmas tree and spectacular displays alone will leave you in awe.

The Embodiment of Holiday Cheer

Rockefeller Center has one of the most classic holiday traditions as well: ice skating in New York City. The ice skating rink is open several hours during the day allowing you ample time to join in the fun.

When it comes to things to do, you definitely won’t get bored. After all, this is where the NBC studios are located and where the “Saturday Night Live” comedy show is filmed. It is also a news media hub for publishing and entertainment. There’s a reason New York is one of the most-visited locations during the holiday season — and just a few are found here.

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Making the Most of Your Rockefeller Center Christmas

There are several things to know when visiting Rockefeller Center at Christmas. Here’s a brief overview to help you along the way.

What Time to Visit?

Are you wondering when you should visit? The fact is, Rockefeller Center gets busy during the day, so you should plan your trip in the early morning hours. By lunchtime, it’s wall-to-wall people. Also, if possible, avoid visiting on the weekends, so you can make the most of your time there.

Late nights are also great. You can enjoy all the nighttime holiday activities and even see the tree lighting.

Getting From Point A to Point B

Getting around can also be problematic at times. One option is underground travel. The Concourse goes to Broadway and helps you avoid the bigger crowds of people. You can also hit all the best shopping locales, such as Anthropologie and Republic on Broadway, and if the crowds get a bit too thick here, you can just move to the other side of the street. A word of advice, however: Try to stick to the Avenues around the plaza so you don’t lose your way.


If you are visiting New York City and planning a trip to Rockefeller Center, then there’s no question you will want to do some shopping during your visit. During the holidays the windows are full of amazing displays, and you can knock out all your gift shopping in a single afternoon.


Are you looking for some authentic New York options to refuel? If so, try out Harry’s Italian Pizza or Hale & Hearty Soups. You can also visit Bill’s Bar and Burger, where you can find fast service and affordable prices.

If you need to grab a snack, Magnolia Bakery offers banana pudding that’s to die for. However, their selection of sweet treats isn’t limited to just banana pudding.

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Visiting the Rockefeller Center This Holiday Season: Make Sure to Have a Plan

There’s no question that the Rockefeller Center offers a unique experience during the holidays. However, before you embark on this amazing adventure, be sure to have a plan in mind. The tips here should help you get started and make sure that you are able to make the most of your New York City holiday.

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