New York: A True Art Lovers’ Haven From Museums to Unique Street Art

New York City offers a huge selection of artworks for city visitors and residents alike to view, appreciate and enjoy. From extensive collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to large showings at the Guggenheim Museum, myriad venues for seeing fine quality art are available.

Fascinating Art on Exhibit in New York City Museums for Spring 2018

The following historic periods, stylistic schools and individual artists’ modes of expression are currently on view in exhibitions at major museums around the city:

Metropolitan Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue in New York offers collections of art spanning more than 5,000 years and representing all known eras and cultures. Since the museum first opened in 1880, it has grown to greater than two million square feet of storage, exhibition and administrative space. This fascinating, comprehensive museum offers the ideal setting in which viewers can gradually understand stylistic similarities and cultural connections across many time periods.

• Exhibitions – Inspiring and educational exhibits now on display include Golden Kingdoms: Luxury & Legacy in the Ancient Americas, which leads you on an enthralling journey that traces the versatile and intriguing history and development of North and South Americas. There were opulent periods of luxury and extravagant living during the ancient periods of the evolution and maturity of these two adjoining continents.

New York Museums

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As you view the exhibit entitled, Public Parks, Private Gardens–Paris to Provence, you will walk through a vivid array of opulent flower gardens in various locations between and including Paris and Provence, France.

Guggenheim Museum

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum a few blocks north of the Metropolitan Museum on Fifth Avenue in New York is dedicated to its overall goal of innovation in art. The Guggenheim Foundation collects, maintains, documents and explains all areas of contemporary art. The museum curators and art historians examine artistic concepts and realizations across many cultures, incorporating educational innovations and collaborative efforts. One ongoing objective of the museum administration and staff is to constantly engage both domestic and global art audiences and enthusiasts. They rely on digital communications, publications and outstanding museum exhibits to inform, educate and inspire all viewers.

New York Museums

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• Exhibitions – Fascinating exhibitions now available for patron viewing include Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away. As a Danish artist, Vo scrutinizes the public dynamics and private intents that compose each singular person’s life experiences. Although his artworks focus on large, general politico-cultural subjects, he takes them apart for close examination via private individual narratives. His art is based on the premise that the self is multiple and fluid, but formed and refined by power structures of greater magnitude.

Also on exhibit is the Thannhauser Collection, gathered and curated by the Munich art dealer, Heinrich Thannhauser and his son Justin. Heinrich started the Moderne Galerie in 1909, and father and son built a stellar collection that included works by the French Impressionists, the Italian Futurists, and contemporary German artists. The Moderne Galerie was responsible for an early major Picasso retrospective in 1913.

Although there are many more important museums in New York with major collections and exhibitions, these two offer a wide and varied spectrum of periods, styles and types of fine art throughout the ages. Some respected and popular art galleries in the city include the Marlborough Gallery on West 57th Street, exhibiting the works of well-established contemporary artists and the Allan Stone Projects on West 22nd Street, which mount shows encompassing a wide variety of art genres including Contemporary Masterworks, Tribal and Folk Art and Decorative Artistry.

New York Museums

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Visit the New York City art scene frequently to experience and absorb a fabulous cross-section of the finest of artworks from all locations and ages. In good weather, street art of all imaginable genres also can be found in nearly all neighborhoods around this vibrant metropolis.

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