Five Reasons to Fall in Love With NYC

Easily one of the most photographed, recorded, and recognizable places in the world, New York City’s famous skyline can be identified with just a quick glance. Since the city has been featured on so many travel programs, movies, and television shows, you may feel like a visit to the Big Apple is unnecessary because you’ve already “seen” it before. However, unless you’ve actually smelled the aroma of fresh bagels wafting from a local deli, felt the electricity from an audience at a Broadway show, or soaked in the sunshine in Central Park on an afternoon picnic, you’ve never really seen this city. Here’s five reasons why you’ll fall in love with New York City:

1. Museums

If you’re looking to leave the city a little more cultured than when you entered, you can explore one of the city’s world-class museums. A good start is the American Museum of Natural History, which was featured in the movie “Night at the Museum.” While you won’t catch any dinosaurs or warriors coming to life, you will experience expertly curated exhibits on our oceans, ecosystems, and animals.

Pay your respects and show younger children the historical events that occurred on September 11, 2001 at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The emotional journey created by the museum’s artifacts and first-hand testimonials will stay with you long after you’ve exited your tour.

National September 11 Memorial & Museum love in nyc

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2. Food

The sheer volume of restaurants in New York is staggering: there’s an estimated 24,000 places to choose from! No matter what time of day or what you’re craving, this food lover’s paradise has got your covered. One must-try dish while in the city is “grandma style” pizza, which has a crusty bottom coated in olive oil for a crisp exterior yet focaccia-like soft interior. You also must make an effort to check out a corner bodega, or grocery store, for a classic egg and cheese sandwich to fuel your day.

Pizza in NYC love in nyc

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3. Green Space

Yes, New York has mile-high steel skyscrapers, but the city’s layout also takes advantage of parks and green spaces to offer a pastoral oasis in the midst of a concrete jungle. Bryant Park and Washington Square Park are perfect for spreading out a blanket, grabbing a picnic lunch, and enjoying some people-watching. And even if you’ve seen Central Park countless times in movies, there’s nothing like seeking solace in the beautiful Conservatory Garden with its formal Italian, French, and English gardens.

Group of joggers exercising at Central park love in nyc

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4. Nightlife

It’s called the “city that never sleeps” for good reason. Whether you want to hit up a dance club, cocktail bar, or late night eatery, this city won’t go to bed until you’re ready to put it to sleep. Wherever you’re from, there is no comparison to seeing the skyline spark up at nighttime while you stroll through the softly lit streets towards your next adventure.

New York street at night love in nyc

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5. The Arts

The arts scene in New York City is perhaps one of the best cultivated in the world. You can catch theater performances from small troupes ripe with young talent, or hit up a professional Broadway production filled with lights, costumes, and dramatic scenery. Comedy clubs are also bustling in the big city, as well as dance companies who perform a wide variety of styles, from jazz and ballet to more modern interpretations. You may even witness a performer before they hit the big time and you can proudly say that you saw them “way back when!”

Theater NY love in nyc

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Taking a trip to New York City will give you a familiar sense of the places you’ve seen on screens before, but actually experiencing first-hand its sights, sounds, museums, and performances will remind you that you’re just seeing the tip of all that it has to offer!

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