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Hotel Address Avg. Price
Lotte Hotel Ulsan 282, Samsan-ro, Nam-gu $148 View Map
Hotel Hyundai Ulsan 875, Bangeojinsunhwando-ro, Dong-gu $296 View Map
Shilla Stay Ulsan 200, Samsan-ro, Nam-gu $226 View Map
Lotte City Hotel Ulsan 204, Samsan-ro Namg-gu $83 View Map
Best Village VI 22, Haesuyokjang 1-gil, Dong-gu $0 View Map
Jade Hotel Ulsan 44, Doho 1-gil Samnam-myeon $45 View Map
NOVA Hotel 193-4, Jinjang-dong, Buk-gu $0 View Map
Ulsan Hotel 333, Duwang-ro, Nam-gu $55 View Map
The K Motel Ulsan 1610-8, Sinhwa-ri, Samnam-myeon $44 View Map
Ocean View Hotel 50, Haesuyokjang 1-gil, Dong-gu $115 View Map
Ulsan City Hotel 246, Samsan-ro, Nam-gu $124 View Map
Good Morning Hotel 15, Badeurae 1-gil, Dong-gu $119 View Map
H Hotel Ulsan 7, Hwahap-ro 178beon-gil, Nam-gu $47 View Map


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