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Hotel Address Avg. Price
Hilton Gyeongju 484-7, Bomun-ro $297 View Map
The Suites Hotel Gyeongju 280-12, Bomun-ro $254 View Map
Hotel Hyundai Gyeongju 338, Bomun-ro $85 View Map
Blue One Resort 391, Bobul-ro $110 View Map
Sungho Resort 636, Yeongji-ro, Oedong-eup $58 View Map
The K Hotel Gyeongju 45 Expo-ro $80 View Map
Commodore Hotel Gyeongju 422, Bomun-ro $55 View Map
Benikea Swiss Rosen Hotel 465-37, Bomun-ro $133 View Map
Kensington Resort Gyeongju 11-1 Bukgun-dong $103 View Map
Hanwha Resort Gyeongju 182-27, Bomun-Ro $71 View Map
Daemyung Resort Gyeongju 402-12, Bomun-ro $96 View Map
Destino Pension 292-11, Gujeong-dong $237 View Map
Bomun World Pension 22-2, Cheongun 1-gil $44 View Map


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