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Hotel Address Avg. Price
K Tower Boutique Hotel By Lucerna Paseo de los Heroes, 10902 - A $245 View Map
Marriott Hotel Tijuana Blvd Agua Caliente No 11553 $165 View Map
Hotel Lucerna Tijuana Paseo del los Heroes #10902, Zona Rio $131 View Map
La Mesa Blvd. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz #12828 $84 View Map
Holiday Inn Tijuana Zona Rio Paseo De Los Heroes 18818 Zona Rio $77 View Map
Hotel Pueblo Amigo Plaza & Casino Via Oriente 9211 $84 View Map
Hotel Palacio Azteca Blvd Cuauhtemoc Sur N.213 $85 View Map
Hotel Real del Río Avenida Jose Maria Velazco #1409-A $83 View Map
Hacienda del Rio Blvd. Sanchez Taboada 10452, Zona Rio $107 View Map
Real Inn Tijuana Paseo de los Héroes 9902 $90 View Map
Grand Hotel Tijuana Blvd. Agua Caliente #4558 $146 View Map
Hotel Ticuán Av. Miguel Hidalgo (8va) #8190 $94 View Map
Hotel Principado Tijuana Zona Aeropuerto Blvd. Cuauhtemoc Norte 405 $44 View Map


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