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Hotel Address Avg. Price
Madagascar Golden Peacock Hotel 54 Villas Antanetibe Antehiroka $100 View Map
Carlton Hotel Rue Pierre Stibbe Anosy $184 View Map
Grand Hôtel Urban Tsiombikibo, Lot VE 12, Ambatovinaky $80 View Map
Hôtel Colbert Spa & Casino 29, Rue Prince Ratsimamanga $62 View Map
Sunny Garden Routes Des Hydrocarbures $62 View Map
Le Louvre Hôtel & Spa 4, Place P.Tsiranana Antaninarenina $71 View Map
Tana Hôtel 4 rue Rabehevitra Immeuble Fumarolli $118 View Map
Meva Guesthouse Lot 70E, Imerinafovoany, Talatamaty 105 $34 View Map
Le Pavillon de l'Emyrne 12, Rue Stanislas Rakotonirina, Isoraka $104 View Map
Le Grand Mellis Hôtel & Spa 3 rue Indira Gandhi Tsaralalana $95 View Map
Central Hotel Tana Rue Andrianamihaja Raoul $39 View Map
La Résidence d'Ankerana Ankerana $33 View Map
Relais Du Rova Lot 2, PC 17 Soavinimerina (PK 16 RN 3) $30 View Map


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