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Hotel Address Avg. Price
Hotel Indigo Lijiang Ancient Town 111 Xing Wen Alley Qi Yi Street $206 View Map
InterContinental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort 276 Xianghe Road $191 View Map
Banyan Tree Lijiang Yuerong Road, Shuhe $493 View Map
Grand Hyatt Lijiang No 8 Xiangjiang Road $175 View Map
Zeyun Inns No. 50 Wangjiazhuang Alley $0 View Map
Arro Khampa by Zinc Journey Lijiang No.11 Qingyun Village $86 View Map
LUX* Tea Horse Road Lijiang No. 182, Xingwen Lane, Qiyi Street $139 View Map
Pullman Lijiang Resort and Spa Shuhe Entrance $176 View Map
JunBo Boutique Guesthouse 21 Bayi Xia Duan Qiyi Street $87 View Map
Lijiang Patio Luxury Hotel and Resort No. 369 Shangri-La Street $145 View Map
Narada Lijiang International Hotel No.152 Jingxin Street, Gucheng District $58 View Map
Taihe Like Inn Taihe Culture Park, Minhang Road $73 View Map
Liman Wenzhi No.1 Hotel Lijiang Ancient Town Wenzhi Alley No.1, Wuyi Street $90 View Map


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