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Hotel Address Avg. Price
Shangri La Hotel Qinhuangdao 123 Hebin Road $158 View Map
Grand Hotel Qinhuang No. 2, Wentao Road, Haigang District $981 View Map
Qinhuangdao Sea View Hotel No. 25 Donggang Road, Haigang District $0 View Map
Arcadia seaside holiday hotel Beidaihe Gold Coast Beach Golf Club $110 View Map
Sheraton Qinhuangdao Beidaihe Hotel No 16 Binhai Road Beidaihe District $164 View Map
Beidaihe Red Island villa small Provence Binhai Road, Hongyu Villa B2603 $282 View Map
Liuzhuang Huayuhai Holiday Hostel No. 1, Building 8, Liuzhuang Beili $0 View Map


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