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Statue of Liberty

Monument  - "Creating by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and interior design by Grover Cleveland , the Statue of..."

Los Angeles Zoo

Attraction  - "The LA Zoo, with more than 1500 animals and botanical gardens, is an excellent option to visit with..."

Miami Metrozoo

Attraction  - "Miami MetroZoo has over 100 acres of woods and meadows, which houses about 900 species in their..."

Golden Gate Bridge

Monument  - "The Golden Gate is a suspension bridge located in California, linking San Francisco Peninsula and..."

Prudential Tower

Monument  - "Prudential Tower (also known as the Prudential Building or The Pru) is the second tallest building..."

Willis Tower

Monument  - "Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower, has 110 floors rising above all other skyscrapers in Chicago,..."

Magic Kingdom

Attraction  - "The Magic Kingdom is one of the 4 Theme Parks of Walt Disney World Resort, which opened its doors in..."

World of Coca Cola

Attraction  - "The Coca Cola Interactive museum opened in 2007 with the idea of showing the world a part of its..."

White House

Public Building  - "The White House is the official residence, workplace of the President of the United States,..."

San Antonio SeaWorld

Attraction  - "This amusement park, located in San Antonio, Texas, is the largest theme park with lots of..."

Independence Hall

Historical Site  - "The Independence Hall is the establishment that led the signing of the Independence Declaration on..."

Colosseum at Caesars Palace

Theatre  - "Located on Las Vegas Strip, the Colosseum is a fantastic replica of the historic building of Rome,..."

Tallulah Gorge State Park

Park  - "One of the most spectacular canyons in eastern United States is Tallulah Gorge, with 3.2 kilometers..."

Mount Rushmore

Monument  - "Four large faces look out from a granite mountain skyline in South Dakota, the four characters..."